2024 Doll Plans

Posted December 7, 2023

Here we are again! New year coming up, new doll plans! Old doll plans! Let's review the 2023 plans first.

1. Buy every new issue of Volks News ✔️


2. A pair of shoes for every child doll ✔️

Mostly there. The tinies have a small shoe issue but who tf makes Kiki sized shoes? They all have SOMETHING on their feet though.

3. Learn how to use my airbrush, if only for sealant. ❌

Just used it for dusting again...

4. Locate and buy nice glass eyes (again) ❌

Failed! Bought only 2 pairs.

5. Buy wigs ✔️

Very painfully expensive wig order was completed. I could have bought a doll with that money! ;a;

6. Make a decent wardrobe for the boys to share ✔️

The boys have clothes! Check!!! In fact, all my largies are exclusively wearing clothes made by me right now. I'm very proud of this.

7. Buy Kinoko Juice 58chan, only enter lotteries for VERY precious dolls

KJ didn't even pretend to finish 58chan. I entered no lotteries despite really wanting to for the RG Williams one off on Volks Int. My only resin purchases were some questionable choices and a new body for Liam. No new dolls.

8. Create a look for Verona that I'm happy with ✔️

The notes on this say I need to redo his faceup, but honestly just getting him wigs has made me happier with him. He's gotten some clothes too so he isn't wearing old scraps!

9. Attend a meetup ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️

Where are you, doll girls...? I didn't touched a BJD this year that wasn't my own. AT THE LAST MINUTE I was able to set up a meetup and TOUCH DOLLS

Something that wasn't on the list, but I'm very happy about, is that I fell in love with some of my dolls again and one for the first time.

Rio was my first love! Last year I didn't really have any idea how to make him acceptable looking. I got him a new wig and made him a kimono and it reignited the flame of love for him! He even got a few more photos than just his birthday photos.

I've never cared too much about Grassy. He barely even had a name. Wait did I name him that this year?? Just Did Not Care. I turned him into my bunny son and made him a little outfit and he's getting his turn out of the box now. He's very cute and I finally care about him!

My goals and plans for 2024

1. Buy every new issue of Volks News

Easy peasy! Let's keep going!! I love buying magazines but this is the only periodical I'm interested in.

2. Win Williams

I spent a month doing daily Williams, so please, Mother SD, bless me! 🙏

3. More clothes!

I'd like to be able to pattern something more complex than casual clothes. MY BUTT NEEDS TO SEW SOMETHING KIKI SIZED NEXT YEAR. This is ridiculous.

4. Locate more leather doll shoes

Where in Mana-sama's name are they hiding? Luts has a few but not many in SD13B size.

5. Fall in love with Anya

6. Attend a meetup


7. Buy at least one pair of eyes

Rio needs purple eyes so please... please buy him a pair!! Vega has been guiding me on taobao but I'm still too chicken to buy anything.