Wishlist for insane people only

Can you believe I'm rewriting this?! SMH!!! Does "I'm never buying another doll again" mean anything? No, it really doesn't.

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fran hat, you are a fool.

Fries - Iplehouse WS Louis x Volks SDB

Teen Verona. Iris is honestly pretty close to Louis and I would be willing to work with that head as well. High priority if a head ever appears. This wasn't going to be a "full doll" but I'm lying to myself when I say it's only an alternate head. I love Verona so much.

Elise Shannon - Migidoll Flora and Angel Flora x SW HD57 small bust

Liam's half sister and Volta's wife. Flora is beautiful and has the family resemblance. I'm just praying she'll look okay next to a Volks doll. I'll have to see what bodies are available, but she can't be taller than any of the boys, so that rules out quite a few currently sold ones.


Draven - Migidoll Ryul on ??? body

Liam and Elise's father. I don't even have any idea what body he should go on. Maybe Switch has something but this is a very long term plan, if one at all. I don't like Ryul nearly as much as I like Ryu so this is perhaps just a fun thought.

Jericho "Tex" - Volks SDGrB F-101

FCS shopping list: A-01 arms, FO-01, FO-02, H-03, H-07, H-08. Will discuss skintone with hors if she decides to twin and split a set of hands with me.

Volks Cain/Tohya/Kohya

I'm not entirely sure Cain is a different sculpt. Someone will need to take a photo of the inside of their heads to prove it to me. Cain is a different sculpt! But I don't think he has any particular advantage over the other. Tohya and Kohya are dirt cheap right now when they show up.


Dream FCS

I really don't know what I'd order. I'd probably end up with some monster that never should have existed.

Win a one-off

I'd like to win one ROMANTIC GLANCE WILLIAMS please!

In person FCS at Sato

Can't enter for dream FCS without doing an FCS order. Hopefully I'll get the chance to before F-101 shows up on VolksUSA, but I'd probably take an online FCS order at this point.

Win an Ai-Tenshi, Rei-Tenshi, or Sei-Tenshi

I would never buy one but it is my dream to win one! What an honor it is to bring one of these home from Dolpa. I believe being given one is part of the experience of owning one.

Tenshi no Sato omukae ceremony for Hina

I might be willing to settle for Tenshi no Mado. How big of a pain would it be to bring her to Nippon?

Shopping List

I've pretty much decided I'll buy these if I see them for a good price (or at all).



Alternate heads