Click Buy Ceasefire

Now that you've gotten into dolls and have created a wishlist of 200, how do you stop yourself from filling the void in your life with them??

Let's skip the idea that you have no financial issues preventing you from buying the doll without layaway because you should NOT be considering a doll if there are.

Here's some things to consider before hitting buy:

  1. Imagine you only can buy 5 more dolls for the rest of your life
  2. You don't have to actually follow through, but is the doll you're considering worthy of one of those precious spaces?

  3. Are you committed to keeping this doll forever?
  4. If you can imagine selling it before buying it, it's not the doll for you.

  5. Where are you going to put the doll and its box?
  6. Mostly an issue for 1/3 and larger because these dolls are huge and add up quickly.

  7. How swayed are you by the price? Would you pay the original full price for this doll?
  8. This one is only for dolls lower than the original price! Especially consider this if there is a limited time sale going on!

  9. Will you have another chance to buy the doll?
  10. FOMO strikes again. Many dolls are rereleased.

  11. Are you buying the doll to impress someone?
  12. Could be your meetup group, could be your Instagram followers. Buy the doll for you. Once I got into a funk where I started to feel like I needed a new doll every meetup. Very bad brain funk.

  13. Research the body
  14. The body sculpting and engineering may be a deal breaker when you get this doll home. Would a hybrid be better? Which companies have similar resin tones if you don't like the body?

  15. Was this doll on your wishlist prior to going up for sale?
  16. Of course, you need to write a wishlist first. This doesn't work for dolls that haven't been previously released.

Go play with your current dolls. They're already there for you. Do they need anything? How can you make them better?