wig info

protip: find the front of the wig and pin it to the forehead of the doll with your thumb then use your other hand to pull the back of the wig down over the head. wigs that may be "too small" may suddenly fit perfectly this way.


LR-114_E in Muddy Brown, 8-9

Secondhand from eBay. Wig cap is beige.

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LR-001_E (tag: DR-032) in Goldenrod, 8-9

Secondhand from eBay. Wig cap is beige.

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LR-121_D in BabyBrown, 6-7

Secondhand from Dollyteria. I straightened mine. It used to curl out exposing the ears which I really don't like. Cap color is medium brown.

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DR-073 (6-7)

Bought secondhand on Dollyteria. I really don't have enough info to say what this wig is. Wig cap is light brown.

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LR-099_E in Eve Cream, 8-9

Unused, from eBay. Wig cap is white. I certainly could not tell from the photos that this wig has asymmetric bangs. I'm willing to believe maybe it was labeled wrong by DDE. Eve Cream is shinier than other fibers I have recieved from this company.

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Mandarake Himekazura

Airy Wave in Lemon, size L (9-9.5)

AKA 耐熱ドールウィッグ【ひめかずら】エアリーウェーブ レモン L or MAD1008-34A # 613/F5

New, directly from Mandarake. Beige colored wig cap. There is a tag inside with red embroidery for the Mandarake logo. I highly suggest removing it or covering it if this wig will be used on a vinyl doll. The side pieces on mine are straightened.

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IHW_M035 in Saddle Brown, 8-9

Bought direct from Iplehouse. Not a huge fan of this one. The fibers are nice, but the wig cap shows at the part. I cut the bangs on mine to try to hide it and it didnt work. The wig cap is medium brown.

IHW_M032 in Pink, 8-9

Secondhand from a friend. It's rather cute! The cap color is white.

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Dream of Doll

Black Elf Sha default wig, Black, 9-10 (?)

First owner. It's shiny. Cap is black.

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W-109C Shaggy Braids, Yo-SD/SDC size (6-7)

Bought 2nd hand from Dollyteria. This wig looks gigantic on every doll I put it on despite the wig cap fitting. The fibers are shiny. The wig cap is medium brown.

Lieselotte 5th default wig, SD size (8-9)

First owner. The fibers are shiny, but incredibly soft!! The wig cap is black and it feels like it could be a 9-10.

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KDW-09 in Honey Pink (6-7)

First owner straight from Luts. White cap.

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KNWL-930 in Lemon Blond, 8-9

Secondhand from eBay. Wig cap is beige. This wig is more like a light orange creme rather than "lemon blonde". I really love this wig!! The curls take a lot of effort though.

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