Vintage BJD Questionnaire

Completed on February 26, 2022

This is an early SD questionnaire I found on Acquired Rapture, originally translated by Jellykiss. I haven't found the original post yet. Use view source on this frame to steal the blank template I have commented out.

I feel like I might be answering these the wrong way since so many things have changed since this was written. There's a lot of questions in here that are stupid for people who have more than 5 dolls and ones that are just plain stupid.

General stuff:

1. What is your name and birthdate?

Franklin D hat. Birthdate unknown.

2. How long have you been interested in dolls?

Since July 2008

3. How many SD dolls do you have?

I'm back up at 10 now. Probably shouldn't go too much over 10 tbh

4. What is the name(s) of your doll(s)?

Rio, Olivia, Verona, Anya, Liam, Sochi, Hikari, Hachidori (provisional), Hina. One is completely nameless still. It seems I might be on an H-bender recently.

5. What type of SD do you have?

3 tinies, 2 minis, 4 largies, 1 uncle

6. Do you believe in Fate?

I hope Mother SD will continue to bless me.

7. Who is the manufacturer of your doll(s)?

Dream of Doll, Bambicrony, Iplehouse, Fairyland, Migidoll, Alchemic Labo, Volks

8. What was your first reaction when you saw your SD for the first time?

Very excited shaking. I could not keep the camera still at all!

9. Have you shown your doll off at a Doll Show?

I've taken a few of my dolls to expos. I brought Liam and Sochi to Uncanny Dream 2011. Sochi made it to PNW BBQ Expo 2013 and in 2014 I brought Hachidori (provisional) and Sochi. Seems like Sochi is my little travel buddy?? She's the opposite of overwhelming to carry.

10. Which do you prefer? Commercial SDs (such as Kyon customed dolls) or Customizing your own SD?

If I knew what a "Kyon customed dolls" was, I could probably answer this better.

Customizing my own mostly. It's a lot of fun!! I didn't do the faceups on most of my dolls but I really do enjoy doing them. I don't care too much for fullsets and rarely use them when I do buy them.

11. How do you feel about Commercial SDs?

Good? Bad? Neutral. Whatever floats your boat. Mine personally aren't going to stay in their fullsets.

12. Did you create a personality/background for your doll(s)?

I used to but I don't anymore. Rio was like some fallen angel or some sh*t. Liam and Verona and the shounen ai OCs I made up when I was 12. Sochi was the last doll I tried to make a character for, but it didnt stick at all. After that I realized my dolls can just stay dolls and I don't need to create OCs like everyone else does for their dolls. It's just not my thing.

At this point I don't really think of them as characters anymore. Just pretty dolls that I love. Very embarrassingly, I still think of Liam and Verona as boyfriends even if I haven't made them go "NOW KISS" in over 10 years. They share a box still and that's pretty gay.

13. What type of relationship do you have with your doll (eg. beloved daughter, friend)?

Doll and Owner.

14. Does your SD have a nickname?

Sochi's full name is "Sochiru" but I haven't really used that name in years. I suppose Liam is "William Draven" (I can't believe I gave a doll a full name!!!!)

I think I decided Rio was short for "Lethario" after watching Nick and Norah's. He has a super goofy last name that my bestie came up with for him too but I don't remember it. Maybe I wrote it down somewhere?

Basically all of them who have full names go by nicknames would be my answer after all!

15. What special meaning does your doll's name have?

Rio's is a reference to a Duran Duran song. Verona's is the location of Romeo and Juliet. Liam's first name is just a name I like, but his last name (that I don't use) is a reference to The Crow. I got Sochi while I was obessesed with male figure skaters so I named her after the location of the next winter Olympics, Sochi RU. After I painted my Unoa's oyasumi plate, I kept thinking of Sunlight by DJ Sammy. I, uh, made it more weeby though. Hina doesn't really mean anything but may be subconsciously related to hinaningyou, Hina Kagiyama, and/or Hinaichigo.


16. Does your SD have a special seat/place in your room? If so, where?

I keep them in their boxes, but I do have a chair I purchased recently that they can sit on while they're out.

17. Did you buy a chair specifically for your SD?

Y-yes. I've got like 4 doll chairs.

18. Does your SD have accessories of his own? (eg. pets, toys, hairbrush)

I have brushes for wigs since I don't want to share my own hair grease with them (and neither should you). Honestly I have a bit of junk I've found and bought for them over the years.

19. What hard to find items do you wish you could get for your doll?

SD sized usakumya, Volks x BTSSB sets, SD-H-12 hands, leather shoes, Japanese dealer glass eyes, old dollheart sets

20. What is the most expensive thing you've bought for your doll?

I can't think of anything significant. I usually cheap out on everything but the doll itself. Maybe the sets of hands and pair of feet I just bought for Hina last week.


21. When you go out, do you take your doll with you?

Not unless I'm going out to a meetup or to take photos.

22. If so, where have you taken your doll?

Parks, restaurants, houses of other collectors, the mall

23. Is there a regular place you take your doll out to?

Not at all.

24. If you do take your doll out of the house, how do you carry her? (eg. SD violin case, backpack,etc)

I have an Iplehouse SD carrying case which is super useful! I have a big nekopara totebag that I use with my DD though.

25. When you do take your doll out, is it easy to do or do you find it's more trouble than it's worth?

Totally not worth the effort outside of a meetup.


26. Does your doll have a friend? Do you think your doll wants a friend?

I better be their g*d D*mn best friend.

27. If you could build your dream FCS for free, what would it be?

PS Bisque SDGrG (one piece small bust) Lieselotte with all the hands and both leg parts. Fully blushed with a sweet looking faceup.

28. What is your favorite optional head?

Like F-05/old F-08? I think this what this question is refering to. Option heads have not been around for a very long time.

29. What is your least favorite optional head?

Almost all of them. Early Volks heads have their charm but we have come such a long way.

30. What type of fantasy head would you like to see produced?

None. I don't want any.

31. What made you choose your SD out of all the various types?

I chose Rio because he was limited. Olivia was because I had held my friend's bambicrony girl and fell in love with her cuteness, so I went and ordered my own bambicrony tiny. Verona: I had money burning a hole in my pocket during an iplehouse winter event. Anya was another hole in my pocket. I chose Liam after falling in love with Hiritai's Hayden. I saw a Sarang on DoA and fell in love and then noticed my friend happened to have one for sale a few months later. BF Hana was just a ridiculously cheap marketplace find I jumped on. She looks like Sarang so I had to have her. Lusis was a dream doll I'd had for about 4 years after seeing one at a meetup. DDH-06 was my favorite of the DD option heads available at the time. Lieselotte's sweet smile is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Clothing and Wigs:

32. What is your favorite wig for your doll?

Sochi's bun wig, Hina's curly blonde wig, Kikipop's light pink bow wig

33. Do you change your SD's wig often and have you tried styling the wigs?

Some of them are stuck with the same wig but some change often. I don't have multiple wigs for my 6-7 girls.

34. How many wigs do you have?

I'm not really too interested in counting.

35. How many shoes do you have for your doll? Does your doll have socks too?

I think every doll has at least 1 pair of shoes at this point. Some have multiple. I have maybe 3 pairs of socks total.

36. What types of clothing does your doll wear? (name in order of favorite styles)

Seifuku? Kimono? 2008?

37. Where do you purchase your SD clothing?

I don't much anymore. I have some stuff from nine9style for my boys. I don't enjoy sewing for them as much anymore.

38. Do you sew clothing for your doll?

I try (´・ω・`)

39. Do you plan on dressing your doll as an anime character? If so, who?

I've made Sochi a Hinaichigo cosplay! I plan on making Hina a Shanghai cosplay so I can do a photoshoot with her in my Alice cosplay.

40. Do you make accessories for you doll? What kinds?

I've made a few necklaces but not really much

41. Have you made doll items that you plan on selling?

With my skill level and time it takes to produce the items, I would make less than minimum wage. Not interested.

42. Do you sew/knit/crochet and for how long?

I started sewing with my mom when I was really young. Started by myself in middle school during a home ec class. My mom always wants me to get into crafts so she bought me a crappy little kids machine which I quickly grew out of and I started using hers. I've been sewing doll clothes for as long as I've had dolls, which is almost 13 years now.

Misc Owner Qs:

43. Is there a type of music that you listen to when you are with your doll?

What a strange question. I listen to music that I am already listening to when I am with or without my dolls.

44. Have you ever thought about opening a doll shop?

No. I have no interest in turning my beloved hobby into a miserable business. There was a doll and bear shop in the mall in my hometown when I was a child. I was too young to be able to touch anything in it, but my mom and grandma went there a lot. I sometimes wish it had stayed in business longer so I could have worked there. I don't believe BJDs had even made it to the US by the time it closed, but it would have still been fun to get paid to be around dolls.

45. Do you have a specific area in your home where you keep your doll?

Under the bed, in the closet, in my cubbyhole room, anywhere I can hide them. These boxes are adding up.

46. For how long did you know about SDs before you actually got your SD?

Less than 6 months between discovery and purchase.

47. Do you carry your doll around in the house?

Much to Ryan's dismay.

48. Is there a special place in your house that you like to sit with your doll?

The couch?

49. What are the comments you have heard in regards to your doll, after others have seen it in person?

Usually it's that they're creepy or huge. Sometimes people are just really unnerved that the boys have penises but I try not to bring that one up.

50. Does your doll have their own website?

Do they?? Does my website count as their website?? This site is about me, who loves them.


51. What is the color of your doll(s) eyes now? Also give the size of eyes too.

Was this questionnaire written for people with 1-2 dolls or what. Who even cares to read this answer for 10 dolls?

52. What is your favorite eye color for your doll(s) and why?

Blue because blue. I also like the look of red eyes but that's because I'm an edgy teenager

53. How often do you change the eyes?

Whenever I want to mix things up? every 2 days to 5 years

54. How many different pairs of eyes do you have for your doll?

A gajillion

More misc stuff:

55. Do you believe your doll has a "soul"?

not until i shove mine in their body vessel.

56. Do you talk to your doll?

yes but i also talk to my toaster

57. When talking to your doll, how does he address you?


58. How do men react to your doll?

Very badly unless they're trying to get in my pants or are very polite. Most people can handle my DD. Female resin dolls are next in acceptability. My boys? Not a chance in hell.

59. What was your favorite childhood doll growing up and why?

Polly Pockets? I wasn't a huge doll girl.

60. Did you have to sell items from a personal collection to raise money to purchase your doll?

I don't remember which doll it was for but I did sell some things yes.

61. If so, what did you sell?

Multiple Pokemon games that are worth hella money now. Platinum and Soul Silver were worth $35 at the time. Both complete.

62. How much do you spend on your doll a month? What is the maximum you would spend?

I don't budget like that. Most months I spend nothing on dolls. Very few months I spend a lot.

63. Have you purchased something you regretted later?

A blue fur wig with pink highlights, which I sold, and then regretted selling. I bought a really cute dress for my tinies but I didn't like how it fit when I tried it on.

64. Do you like buying clothing sets for your doll?

No. The good sets are painfully expensive and make me want to cry if I manage to hit the buy button.

65. How often do you change your dolls clothing?

So many questions on this can only be answered with "it depends".

66. If you could take your doll anywhere with you in the world, where would that be?

Hina to Tenshi no Sato. She's the only one allowed in anyway. I would love to go there someday.

67. Have you ever done something to your SD and felt bad about it? (eg. leaving her naked all night, dropping her)

I have some very bad photos of them I took when I was younger. One of my boys spent a lot of time in dresses.

68. What paint brand do you use on your doll?

Who tf cares. Is paint brand elitism something??

69. If you were stranded on a deserted island with your doll, what 3 things would you want for your doll to have?


70. Does your doll have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

Liam x Verona I guess

71. Does your doll have siblings (eg. brother/sister)?

One of my dolls is a twin with my mom's doll so yes.

72. Will you pierce your doll's ears?

Rio has 2 gay earrings already. It's smarter to glue them on than pierce the doll but I didn't realize that when I was 14.

73. Have you given your doll a manicure? What color?

No. Hand blushing chips so easily. I may try giving Hina some pink nailpolish sometime.

74. Did you do the esthetic process on your doll?


75. If so, are you glad you did?


77. If you could change anything they did with the SD body, what would it be?

No more thigh mobility joints. No more double jointed elbows.

78. Have you sueded and wired your doll?

Hot glue sueding only. I don't like wiring. Liam came with it and it quickly was removed.

79. If your SD could be friends with any other SD, which SD would it be?

Hina can be friends with any doll that has a nakayoshi hand part.

80. Do you plan to get more SDs in the future?

I don't plan to but it will happen. I can only control myself for so long.

81. If so, which SDs?

No plans.

82. Do you change the paint on your SDs often?

Lusis gets a new faceup every time I decide I hate it.

83. Does your SD have a favorite color?


84. In general, what is your SDs mood or look?


85. Describe your SD's favorite outfit.


86. Does your SD have a formal name? What is it?


87. Do you have an colored wigs for you SDs? (green or pink) Which ones?

I think pink and yellow are the only weird ones I have now.

88. What SD would you like to see in the future?

At meetups? All of them. I'd like to see more Volks dolls in person. I haven't actually seen too many.

89. If you have more than one SD, do you favor one over the others?

I used to favor Sochi way more than the others. Hina has taken her spot for the last month though. We'll see if she regains her position or if Hina will steal her spot as my next soul vessel.

90. Is your SD for display only?

Not even remotely.

91. Do you have any brand name clothing for your SDs?

Does nine9 count as a brand name?

92. Is there any SDs you regret not buying?

I think I should have bought a CP Soony before Luts discontinued her. It's not a big regret though. I used to regret not getting a DOD Petsha but then I realized I don't even like her face.

93. Do any of your friends own SDs?

I've made a few friend through dolls.

94. Do you have SD get togethers?

Not anymore. We used to be a pretty active meetup group but a lot of them have moved away or moved on. I haven't seen them in years.

My best friend also owns dolls and she used to bring some over when we lived in the same town.

95. Have you lied about the true cost of your SD to your family or friends?

No. If they know how much it will cost to replace the doll, they're less likely to f*ck around with them and break them.

96. Do you think of yourself as being obsessive about your SD? If so, explain?

I've had severe doll brain syndrome for like a year now.

97. If the house was on fire, what would you grab first? Your SD, wallet, clothes or no time and save yourself?

Is this one just badly translated? What a disaster.

98. Did you buy a digital camera only because you wanted to take pictures of your SD to show off online?

My dolls definitely have a lot to do with my camera.

99. If you passed on, who gets your SD? wife/husband/kids/best friend/no goes with me! Explain why!

I don't even think anyone I know would want my dolls. My mom can have her pick. It doesn't matter if I'm dead. I won't be capable of giving a single h#ck.

100. Do you think you'll ever tire of your SD? Why/Why not?

My doll brain syndrome comes and goes but it never fully disappears. I've been doing this for almost half my life now.