Head: Fairyland Leah NS
Body: Littlefee girl
Faceup: FL default
Arrival: 02/12/2010

I don't have too much to say about her other than she fits my mom's tastes better than my own. She has a very sweet face and the best engineered doll body I own.

I was looking into buying a Minifee and couldn't decide on a face so I bought a Littlefee instead. She wasn't my best choice in life but it's okay. It's weird to think I own a Fairyland fullset.

She has a small dot on her cheek that mysteriously appeared during a meetup.

Option parts: Hands No.1, No.3, No.4

my "Opinion"


I really don't enjoy tinies but I don't think I had realized that yet when I purchased her. I put her back in her fullset after many years and I don't plan to take it off. I don't know if my disinterest in tinies is because they are children or because I hate sewing at that size.


The wig in this fullset is awful and unusable. Fairyland sent me the wrong event faceplate, but after contacting them, they sent me the right one without having me return the wrong one.

The top snap on her fullset dress is insanely hard to snap, but now has been replaced.


I am the first owner of Anya. She is the Sugar Plum Fairy fullset with the sleeping faceplate. She was ordered on 1/3/2010 for $410.

Her box says "Littefee". Back in these days, FL didn't offer CoAs but she does have a cool little lazer engraved metal slab with her face on it.