Пафнутий Львович Чебышев

Head: Migidoll Miho (Type B NS)
Body: SD13B NS (2003)
Faceup: me (2023)
Arrival: 9/4/2009 and 9/26/2022
OC page

I was a little too obsessed with Sacha Baron-Cohen at the time of Brüno because I originally named him "Sasha". He's now taking on the name of a Russian mathematician with an extremely fun name. Or just Cheby for short.

I chose him because I liked Migidoll and there was one available on the DoA marketplace. I truly love Migidoll Ryu the most, but I thought Miho would be just as good. He is my lesson in "don't settle" because I bought a Ryu anyway. It took me over 13 years to get this boy a body and I felt nothing for him until I did. I am an irresponsible doll owner and I will never buy a floating head again. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

He was my cheapest large doll at a total of about $285 after shipping. So affordable, the deals I make with a DoA marketplace!

He has SD13B-H-01 and SD13B-FO-01 (regular feet).

Cheby is an incel and very grumpy. But I still give him many kisses 😚

my "Opinion"


I tried to sell the head at least once after obtaining Ryu. I set him away in a box of doll supplies in my mom's house for multiple years. The most I did with the head was put it on my DDS body for a 4chan shitpost. It may or may not be known that I was willing to give Cheby's head away to the first 15 year old who told me her grail was Migidoll Miho.

A very cheap price for a body was what finally convinced me to complete him. It took maybe a month before I was in love with Cheby. He is in my top 3 most played with dolls now. I adore his little angry face and just want to bully him. He has such a different expression from my other dolls who are some degree of smiling and it really sets him apart.

I'm impressed with him having the high score for most falls of all my dolls! #untrustable


His first owner (afaik) was Fayth. I paid $150 + ~$10 in shipping. He may have been purchased through a group order with his faceup artist Meeve in 2007. His body was purchased from nikittin for $115.10 after shipping on 9/22/2022. The body was from Tsukasa Konoe (December 2003) purchased from Mandarake in 2016.

He has nothing resembling a box.

His faceup before September 2023 was done by Meeve in 2008.