Hachidori (provisional)

Head: Volks Dollfie Dream DDH-06 NS
Body: DDS, SS bust
Faceup: Subaru (2014)
Arrival: 03/31/2014

I'm not sure everyone can say they bought a Volks doll on sale directly from VolksUSA, but I can! I bought her body during the LA showroom closing sale.

I met and talked to Subaru for a while when she had $15 faceup commissions so I had her paint me a 06 head. Her red eyes were even made by Subaru herself! She gave them to me at AX 2017 ;u; Thank you!

I love that I can leave her out without worrying about yellowing resin. Her most recently purchased hands match her fine despite her not being in a box the entire time I've had her.

Option parts: DDII-H-04B, DDII-H-08B, DDII-H-09B

my "Opinion"


Honestly I just put her in the detolf and forget about her. She's very pretty but there's no character or interactions driving me to play with her. I once said I would only buy DD from then on, and that is Not Happening. I don't think I'll buy another DD.


She's not particularly good for hugging. I'm terrified of staining her. The fist hands the body arrived with are terribly boring.


I ordered her body, an S bust, and a pair of eyes from VolksUSA on 3/22/2014 for $304.16. I paid $52.50 on her head.

I got a friend to buy me her SS bust at VolksUSA's Anime Expo booth one year.