Head: Unoa 1.0 Lusis, Oyasumi, Sist
Body: Unoa Quluts 1.0
Faceup: myself (2021)
Arrival: 11/04/2013

She is most beautifully sculpted doll and possibly the oldest! I believe she was cast in 2005 since her box came with B-El and L-bi faceplates, but she could have been cast as early as 2003. My darling had to wait 8 years to be put be assembled.

I had so much fun assembling her from parts that I wish companies offered kits again. Because I assembled and painted her myself, she is the doll I am most proud of. The engineering for this doll is really ahead of its time.

Soon after buying her, my friends brought up the possibility of her being a recast because her faceplates didn't all fit. This freaked me out for many years. Now I realize how silly that was, since she was significantly yellowed in 2013 and came on the first body that was never recasted, not to mention she has all the paperwork and box. It was really a different time.

I lied to myself saying she wasn't that yellow when I got her but in reality, she is very yellow! I believe her yellowing has been stable since 2013, but I could be lying to myself again.

my "Opinion"


She really is beautiful. She really is. Her beauty has been contained to a box since getting Hina. She's not my favorite doll to sew for because she is small like a tiny. I value that she is my only doll I don't feel any guilt wiping and redoing the faceup of.


Her faceplates and headback seem to not fit together and need to be boiled to attach again.


I ordered her from Dollyteria. I paid 40,000円 + EMS shipping. I never use the Sist faceplate, but she is technically a Sist. She came with both busts, resin shoe soles, Lusis (no teeth), Oyasumi, badly modded L-bi, and B-el oyasumi.