Head: SD17 Volks Regulus
Boys' Dormitory Ver.
PS Bronze
Faceup: default
Arrival: 09/22/2022
Married: 03/25/2023

What a looker amirite? I didn't mean it when I said no more tan dolls because this boy is perfect. He can steal hearts with those eyes! He definitely took mine.

I was lucky enough to win this boy in the VolksUSA lottery after losing him in Volks Int! I prayed to Mother SD every night and used up my next 5 years of lottery wins with her. He was worth it and would do it again in a heartbeat! I love this boy!

Ryan named him after a character in a Dostoevsky novel. Where did Dostoevsky get all these great names?


He's married ;A;


Marmeladov is my cheapest doll at $0! Just because he's the cheapest doesn't make him any less good. He was purchased from VolksUSA as a fullset.