Olivia and Sophie

Head: Bambicrony Elf Charity tan skin
Body: BC Type 2
Faceup: BC default (Harang)
Arrival: 03/27/2009 & 11/04/2009

Olivia was not the first doll I bought, but the first I recieved. Sophie belongs to my mother. Between me and my mom, we own 10% of this model limited to 20 worldwide. Their faceups are just slightly different with Olivia looking a little spicier than the softer Sophie.

At my second doll meetup, I saw my new friend's tan Bambicrony Kumi. She was so cute that I went home and impulsively ordered my own tan Bambicrony girl exactly 8 days later!

my "Opinion"


Olivia is my only doll that I do not have in my possession, if that says anything. Sometimes I'm a little tempted to just give her to my mom, but it's not like my mom will play with her.


Their midfoot is really flat. Their footprint is approximately the same size as other Yo sized dolls, but they very rarely can share shoes with them.

Overall, the body is much thinner than a yo sized doll so clothes often can't be shared. The head is also smaller.


I am the first owner of Olivia. She was ordered on 2/19/2009 from Bambicrony for $348.

Sophie was bought from DoA user lookame for $200 + shipping.

Both of them have a CoA, which is rare for BJDs in that time period! The paper used isn't consistent between them.