Rio Bonoposcopolopolis Hornipolopolisapolopalo

Head: Dream of Doll Black Elf Sha
Body: Dream of Idol
Faceup: DOD default
Arrival: 04/04/2009

Rio was the first doll I ever purchased. He's named after the song Rio by Duran Duran. Ryan called him a goblin and honestly it fits him too well. He is my little angel though! His last name is a gift from my best friend. Allegedly, it was inspired by a map in Bridge to Terabithia (2007).

This boy has 2 gay earrings, piercing done by DoD.

I've tried to sell him a few times. Every time I hold him though I'm happy I didn't. I've had so many fun memories with this doll! This doll deserves the life of a king for still smiling all these years after all the cr*p I put him through as a teen.

He's very fun because you can legally ship him with anyone and everyone. Even you, reader, are allowed to ship Rio with your character! Enjoy!

my "Opinion"


In the not so distant future, he will have been with me half my life. It's a little wild to think about!

I've been pretty unhappy with how he looks. I was more interested in buying more dolls than buying things for my first doll. His base doll was always strange and I never bought him a proper wig, clothes, or eyes. I made him his first specifically for him clothes for the first time since Verona arrived in 2009. This and the long blonde wig make it feel like he's finally coming together after all this time. I want him to be a doll that I adore like the other largies. He has merely existed for far too long.


His head is so tiny on his 70cm body and it looks goofy. His face though is so cute and sweet it doesn't match the muscle monster body at all! I'm not really sure what DoD was thinking when they created him or what I was thinking when I ordered him.

His order page stated his head is 9-10, while I've been able to get him in a 7-8 wig. I feel a little misled because I assumed the larger head size meant the head was actually a larger head size than the DOT version.

Early during his release, many dolls came out red toned and later ones ended up looking like mine. DoD was not able to keep a consistent tan during the order period. If it were at all possible for me to get him a DOT body, I'd jump on it immediately! Unfortunately I'll never find a smaller tan body to match.


I am the first owner of Rio! I ordered him on 12/28/2008 after saving up for months. I can't find the original invoices, but I believe he was approximately $740 USD. Ordering him was the biggest pain because my mother didn't have a paypal account. She ended up making one because of this doll.

His box says "Dream of Dall".