Head: BlueFairy Tiny Fairy Sarang NS (2007)
Body: Tiny Fairy classic girl (2006)
Faceup: BF default boy
Arrival: 5/1/2010

Sochi is unbelivably sweet! Her smile is perfect. She was my favorite up until obtaining Hina.

She is named after the then future location of the olympics. I was a little obsessed with male figure skaters at the time I got her.

She has no box opening photos because there was no box opening. My friend had her listed for sale and just brought me the pieces at a meetup and I put her together before paying for her. I'm honestly not even sure what day I bought her as there are conflicting dates.

She is spoiled. I had more wigs and clothes in her size than I did for any other doll before getting 2 Kiki. I still have no other regular mini sized dolls.

Her body is actually one of the first 2 BJDs I held at my first meetup.

my "Opinion"


Hina completely displaced her. Sochi went from my favorite to a box baby. I feel like Hina and her are very similar in expression, but Hina has the advantage of being larger and fitting in with my other dolls. I am very thankful to Sochi for the years of happiness she brought me.


Her headcap has no magnets. Her neck hole is round so her head cannot be removed without disassembly or creativity. This is just the reality of old dolls.

Her head is much lighter toned than her body. I'm not sure if this is due to yellowing or just batch colors.


I bought her from my local comm member and good friend reichiere. She had recieved a Sarang with blossom body in a trade in early 2010 and taken the body for her own Xiao head. I cannot find the head's previous owner! Sochi's old name may have been Viola. Rei purchased her Xiao secondhand from Australian DoA user Pia in November 2006, who bought her directly from BF in summer 2006. The body of Rei's Xiao was put on sale with the Sarang head. I paid $270 for her.

I have a TF box for her that was given to me by Zingor. It is not her original box.