Aloïs Verona

Head: Iplehouse Louis real skin
Body: IH oYID model
Faceup: IH default
Arrival: 12/18/2009
OC page

Verona is baby face 1/3 boy! So cute! He's named after the location of Romeo and Juliet. If I use the name "V", I'm talking about this boy. You probably won't see me type "Veronie" but I do call him that in person...

His resin is slightly translucent and has really sold me on French resin despite the yellowing issues. I don't purposely seek out tan dolls anymore, but I also think he's too light to be considered truly tan! He just looks tan next to my NS and WS dolls. The French resin mix gives him a slight glow my others don't have.

my "Opinion"


I'm secretly a little terrifed of Verona. I won't bring him outside and am careful when I leave him out inside because of his resin. He changed in color the most of all my dolls since I first recieved him and I don't know if he's stabilized or if I could still ruin him. He and his parts are irreplaceable and I don't want to damage him. I really love Verona and I would be very upset if something happened to him.

He's the only boy where I want a full second doll for the same character. I want to own him as the younger, original idea of him as well as the version of him that is now him. I spent a lot of time drawing this boy as a teen and he is special to me because of it.


The Iplehouse oYID body really isn't the best. His fingers are sausagey and he's strangely muscular. I want him to be shorter than Liam, but at 63cm, there's not a ton of bodies the correct resin tone taller than him that aren't 70cm.

I love the translucency of his resin, but I won't be able to hybrid him to a nicer or smaller body because of it. I also am still terrified of yellowing on him and won't let him be in the sun at all. His character shouldn't have been tan anyway. I regret this choice.


I am the first owner of Verona. I ordered him on 11/28/2009. I believe his price was around $650, but I can't find any record of it. He came with a CoA with my name on it!

He doesn't have an offical box, but instead a very awesome carrier bag. I took the stuffing out of the pillows and replaced the outsides with white cotton to prevent staining if my DD were to go in the bag. His box for many years was a pink Aeyork one that he shares with Liam.