Volks FCS 20th Anniversary F-100 Contest

From March 8, 2021 to April 19, 2021, Volks accepted entries for the SD-F-100 head as part of their Full Choice System 20th Anniversary. The top 8 were sculpted by the Zoukeimura team and voted on by Volks members worldwide.

Finalist #8 won the rights to the name F-100, but the rest are slowly being released as well.

Finalist #1

Finalist #2

Designed by あづま.

Finalist #3 🠖 SD16 Diamond

"Diane the Doll Gem" designed by Polish collector Aridede or mx_95 on DoA. She shared her design sheet with us on DoA!

Finalist #4 🠖 F-102

Designed by トノコ.

Finalist #5

Finalist #6

Finalist #7

Designed by 奈宙.

Finalist #8 🠖 F-100

The winner! "Ragdoll" designed by Hituji.

Finalist #9 🠖 F-101

Designed by もみじ. Don't tell anyone, but he's my favorite.

Finalist #10