VolksUSA Online FCS ordering information

VolksUSA offers online FCS orders approximately once every 3 months. The order periods will only allow orders of two categories of dolls. The options are SDM, SD/SD13, SDGrB, and SD16G. Five face sculpts will be offered for each category and 2 faceup options are provided. The face sculpts rotate, so a couple previously released heads are mixed with USA unreleased heads. Tan is usually a resin color option, but sometimes with SD16G orders, different darker shades will be available such as bronze and amber. The order periods last the first 10 days of the month. Paypal is the only payment option.

Makeup is "coordinated" rather than the options offered for FCS. For SDM and SD, the makeup choices are girl or boy. For SDGrB and SD16, the makeup options are natural or vivid. You can choose eye placement, eyelid gloss, and lip gloss. "Revival" signifies that the makeup has been changed since the last offering. You also can choose to order blank, but you will not receive Zoukeimura eyes with your doll.

I highly suggest ordering high heel feet if you want them, because they are difficult to get outside of FCS. If you choose to order in stock parts from VolksUSA, keep in mind they may not match if the item is not popular enough to rotate the stock.

It is NOT possible to order magnetic option parts through this service.

The webstore is limited to only selling within North America. For this reason, they have blocked IP addresses from outside these regions from even viewing the online FCS order pages. You'll have to use a VPN or proxy if you'd like to view the ordering process. You won't be able to order if you do sneak in to look. You'll have to find a proxy service if you are so desperate.

2022 prices are:
Basic doll: SDM $374, SD/SD13 $638, SDGrB $770, SD16 $726
Makeup + Zoukeimura eyes: $110
Option hands: $28 SDM, $42 SD/SDGr, $59 SD16 (only one extra pair is possible)
SD16 option legs: $187 regular legs, $88 heeled legs
Satogaeri services:
Full seam line removal: $44 SDM, $55 SD, $66 SDGrB SD16
Hand seam line removal: $14 SDM, $17 all others
Option hand seam line removal: $14 SDM, $17 all others
Body coating: $39 SDM, $44 SD, $57 SDGrB, SD16

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