links (for doll lovers only)


  1. AZURE Toy-box - Photo blog of an amazing DD photographer.
  2. Johnny Director - Japanese cowboy doll photographer.
  3. kotonokazu - Japanese doll photographer and doll tailor. Beautiful Volks boys! Fujos should check this guy out.
  4. Zodake - Thai DD photographer. Owns a doll cafe. Photoshop wizard and Miku fanatic.
  5. Hiritai - Blog of an Australian girl who had some beautiful boy dolls. The inspiration of many young doll fujoshis.
  6. Orchid dolls - Blog of a Spanish DD collector. She posts photography tips in English.
  7. elphsnt's My Dolls and Bears - Japan based collector with many beautiful Volks girls whose names all begin with the letter A. Blogs in English and Japanese.
  8. Pleiades Room - American faceup artist and photographer.
  9. Jadepixel Doll Lab - American faceup artist, seamstress, photographer.
  10. Val's World - Oldschool website of a doll collector who passed away in 2020.
  11. Tom Beach - Depression era doll photographer. This dude follows his dreams.

BJD owners on Neocities

  1. Cheesecake Dreams
  2. Clover's Room
  3. Mermaidgrey
  4. Tiger Carnival
  5. TroubleInTheMessageCentre

secret links i use to look at cute doll on twitter

no really i just dont want to track down the characters on my phone