my hot takes (on dolls)

if you're looking for a reason to hate me, you're in the right place

luxury items

no one wants to hear this, but you dont need one. don't put it on your credit card. there's no such thing as a doll emergency.

quit buyin from danny

he is literally begging you to stop buying from him! please stop! he doesnt want your business!

grail dolls

is it really a grail if you can just straight up buy it with enough money?


the best way to combat scalpers is to not buy their items. let them rot with the $1000 investment they made that they dont want to keep.


recasters are awful but dont let them ruin your fun. you dont need to sit and worry about proving your doll is legit unless you're selling it.

if recasters arent charging extra for expensive sculpts that are already above msrp in the secondhand legit market, they should.

unlike most doll companies, recasters are not running small businesses. go check their sales figures. 6000 dolls sold in 6 months is insane

i cant understand why people are willing to spend such a large sum of money for a bootleg. recasts are cheaper, but not cheap.

has anyone actually managed to change a recast owner's (or hopeful owner) mind? reading the pro-artist arguments every day is annoying. let's just enjoy dolls


no matter how stupid a welcoming ceremony sounds, you still make me want to do it

why is mother SD a premade virgin mary statue when you have amazing sculptors that could make a much better one

dollfie icon

what the h*ck were you thinking, volks? why? how could you charge so much for a doll with mismatched joints?

chinese doll companies

only ringdoll and angell studio are worth looking at. go look up what the ringdoll sculptor looks like btw. i do not admit to being biased after meeting him. (i am)

mirodoll is a joke. those dolls aren't worth their shipping cost.

den of angels

you deleted all my box openings and now i am sad

ban dollzone and doll chateau dolls. companies have been banned for less while dollzone started as a honest to god recaster!