don't talk to me or my dolls or my dolls' dolls ever again

baby jesus was given to me when my sister was born!

my mom gave me this doll and i couldnt understand why someone would spend over $100 on a doll. look where i am now. she has smudges on her face because it looks like i faceplanted her on a newspaper or something and the vinyl picked up the dye

strikingly beautiful!! what a lovely girl!

i first encountered her in a consignment shop Nov 22 2020 and took a picture of her. somehow she made it to a thrift store in the same town and i found her there. i refuse to believe this isnt fate!

dolls that are no longer with me

I'm not a big fan of selling dolls, but these ones have escaped my grasp (or been thrown from my grasp)

I wanted a doll to play with (read: destroy), so I bought an in stock doll from DDE. He came to me with uneven yellowing. Obviously DDE had left this one on display for a while and the front of him was a different color than the back. I will never buy from DDE again.

I sanded his chest down to completely flat, gave him a few different faceups, and had a good bit of fun with him. He was visual kei for a while! The sculpt quality wasn't up to my standards and the body was just awful compared to my other dolls. Nothing about him really stood out. Just a plain doll.

I gave him a nice girly faceup before sending him off to a new home. I half regret it? The doll wasn't worth much. If I still had him I would have just considered it chump change and would keep him.

Last seen in this video.

I did that thing where you put your name in a hat or something at a BBQ expo and they actually pulled my name out! I was off exploring the waterfront with Ryan when I got a text from my friend to hurry back to the convention center and there they presented me with... Mirodoll Mika?!?!! I was hoping for the Ringdoll Amethyst...

Excuse me while I look a gift horse in the mouth for an honest review: this doll is trash. She can't stand. All of the joints are jokes. Some aren't even close to round and almost none of them fit together. It's just not a good doll at all. Spend your money on something better if you are looking into Mirodoll.

I gifted this doll to tae on the terms that it cannot be sold, only gifted. I unstrung her for the trip to AX and found out she had been put together with exactly ONE s hook (in her head). I'm not sure tae ever got her strung... It'd be a difficult one to string even as a bjd veteran (can I say that yet?)