check out these dolls i bought (and love)

i'm always sad when i cant figure out what doll sculpt someone is posting so i made this easy guide so you can check my dolls out fast

click the date links in each profile to view box opening photos!

my current ideal doll is SD sized, flat chested, and smiling! i'm not good at sewing darts

  1. DOD Black Elf Sha
  2. BC Charity
  3. IH Louis
  4. FL Leah
  5. MG Ryu
  6. BF Sarang
  7. BF Hana
  8. Unoa Lusis
  9. Volks DDH-06
  10. Kikipop
  11. Lissi Batz #25
  12. Madame Alexander Victoria
  13. Horsman Lynette
  14. Stupsi

the first doll i ever bought! he's named after Rio by Duran Duran

this doll has a chuuni tier character i'd rather not talk about

sophie belongs to my mom but these two stick together always

my baby face SD sized boy! so cute! he's named after the location of Romeo and Juliet

this doll has a character i'd rather not talk about. hazukashi...

I didn't know this head was modded until I'd had the doll for 10 years.

this doll has a character i'd rather not talk about. it's about what'd you expect from a teenage fujoshi

sochi is my next soul vessel. please do not buy her unless you want a doll haunted by me

she has no box opening photos because there was no box opening. my friend had her listed for sale and just brought me the pieces at a meetup and i put her together before paying for her.

she is spoiled. i have more wigs and clothes in her size than i do for any other dolls despite only having one doll in her size. she is my favorite.

The yosd sized version of TF Sarang. good investment!

this doll was sold as a girl, but the owner offered me a refund of $50 when she noticed it was a boy body so i totally took it. was my cheapest doll at ~$100

not a "grail" but defintely a doll ive been wanting since i first saw her. i entered the lieselotte 2nd lottery but didnt win (i didnt have the money anyway). never had a chance to buy her until i was out of school with an income and got a stimulus check i didnt know what to do with

Non-BJD dolls

she was a birthday gift from my dear mommy. i am so grateful that kinoko juice worked with azone to make her dolls easily accessible!

her hands keep falling off and it's nerve-wracking to bring her outside

baby jesus was given to me when my sister was born!

my mom gave me this doll and i couldnt understand why someone would spend over $100 on a doll. look where i am now. she has smudges on her face because it looks like i faceplanted her on a newspaper or something and the vinyl picked up the dye

strikingly beautiful!! what a lovely girl!

i first encountered her in a consignment shop Nov 22 2020 and took a picture of her. somehow she made it to a thrift store in the same town and i found her there. i refuse to believe this isnt fate!

dolls that are no longer with me

i'm not really into selling dolls but here are my exceptions

i admit i did try to sell almost all of my dolls at one point, but now i feel like i can just make more money if i want other dolls. i am thankful almost all of my previous dolls never found buyers. i've had so many memories with them that i would be sad to not have them now

I wanted a doll to play with, so i bought one. came to me with uneven yellowing. obviously DDE had left this one on display for a while and the front of it was a slightly different color than the back. i will never buy from DDE again.

i sanded his chest down, gave him a few different faceups and had a good bit of fun with him. He was even visual kei for a while!

the sculpt quality wasnt up to my standards though. the body was just awful compared to my other dolls. nothing about the face stuck out to me either. just a plain doll.

i dont regret buying him or selling him. i gave him a nice girly faceup before sending him off to a new home

i did that thing where i put my name in a hat or something at a bbq expo and they actually pulled it out!

i was off hanging out with Ryan when i got a text from my friend to hurry back to the convention center and there they presented me with... mirodoll mika!!!

excuse me while i look a gift horse in the mouth for an honest review: this doll is sh*t. it cant stand, all the joints are like ????? its just not a good doll at all. spend your money on something better

i gifted this doll to tae on the terms that it cannot be sold, only gifted. i unstrung her for the trip to AX and found out she had been put together with exactly ONE s hook (in her head). im not sure tae ever got her strung tbh... it'd be a difficult one to string even as a bjd veteran (can i say that yet?)