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I made this because i'm always sad when i cant figure out what doll sculpt someone is posting so here is an easy guide so you can check my dolls out fast.

click the date links in each profile to view box opening photos! they were all originally posted on DoA with some (probably) embarrassing comments but those have been deleted now. luckily you can still witness my old box openings without the musings of a teen attached.

  1. DOD Black Elf Sha (Gallery)
  2. BC Charity
  3. IH Louis (Gallery)
  4. FL Leah
  5. MG Ryu (Gallery)
  6. BF Sarang (Gallery)
  7. BF Hana
  8. Unoa 1.0 (Lusis Oyasumi)
  9. Volks DDH-06 (Gallery)
  10. Volks Lieselotte (Gallery)
  11. Kikipop (Gallery)
  12. Lissi Batz #25
  13. Madame Alexander Victoria
  14. Horsman Lynette
  15. Stupsi
  16. Sekiguchi Suzunoya Mineko
  17. Bobobie Espree (sold)
  18. Mirodoll Mika (gifted)

the first doll i ever bought! he's named after Rio by Duran Duran. Ryan called him a goblin and honestly it fits him...

he's very much an impulse buy. i'm not sure why i wanted him other than him being limited. his head is so tiny on his 70cm body and it looks so goofy. big wigs really help hide that. his face though is so cute and sweet it doesnt match the muscles at all!! if it was at all possible for me to get him a DOT body, i'd be all for it! unfortunately I'll never find a tan to match

i've tried to sell him a few times. every time i hold him though im happy i didnt. ive had so many fun memories with this doll! he definitely deserves some new clothes and wigs after all these years

honestly this doll deserves the life of a king for still smiling all these years after all the cr*p i put him through as a teen.

sophie belongs to my mom but these two stick together always.

I went to a doll meetup and saw my friend Rei's tan Bambicrony Kumi. she was just so cute that i went home and impulsively ordered my own tan bambicrony girl exactly 8 days later!

Sophie was bought from DoA user lookame for way too low of a price.

Between me and my mom, we own 10% of this model limited to 20 worldwide. their faceups are just slightly different with olivia looking a little spicier than the softer sophie.

if youre curious, bambicrony girls tend to be smaller overall than other yo sized dolls. their foot bridge is so flat that they do not fit in most yo shoes despite having the same foot length. they're also much thinner.

I think i was a little too obsessed with sacha baron-cohen at the time because i named him "sasha". when I get him a body he will get a new less embarrassing name. i don't really feel "bonded" to this doll at all but i think that has a lot to do with him having no body

I bought him because I liked migidoll ryu. He is my lesson in "don't settle". He's still a beautiful boy though and i want to get him a body since I dont really intend to sell him at the moment. I wouldn't be able to prove his legitimacy anyway at this point. He's so old that everyone would be nervous to buy him.

His first owner (afaik) was Fayth, who I bought him from on DoA. He may have been purchased through a group order with his faceup artist Meeve in 2007.

my baby face SD sized boy! so cute! he's named after the location of Romeo and Juliet. i had some money burning a hole in my pocket around the holiday event time and iplehouse had all their limited real skin dolls up for sale.

his resin is slightly translucent and has really sold me on french resin despite the yellowing issues. i dont love tan dolls, but I also wouldnt call this color actual tan and i think it's quite lovely! he has a slight glow my others dont have.

I don't have too much to say about her other than she fits my mom's tastes better than my own. She has a very sweet face and the best engineered doll body I own.

i was looking at buying a minifee and couldn't decide on a face and then bought a minifee instead. wasn't my best choice in life but it's okay

guess who looked at hiritai's hayden too long? this b*tch.

liam is my favorite boy doll. his handsome face just steals my heart every time i look at him! i once tried to sell him but oh my g*d that would have been such a mistake

I didn't know this head was modded until I'd had the doll for 10 years and started looking through old dA posts for his history. He was purchased from DoA user Circe-Nausicca, who I believe ordered his head over email in September 2009. The body is most likely from a split with Aernath in November 2009.

he should have dark brown slightly red-tinted hair but I never actually got around to buying him one. his creepily light blue eyes are intentional, but i do think he deserves a higher quality pair. i also think he should be bigger and taller than verona, so i would like to get him a bigger body. i honestly don't know if he matches lati or volks WS so uhhh... not that his iplehouse body matches his head anyway.

once at a japanese garden meetup in spokane, a man complimented him and said he was a pretty girl. i quietly said thank you and my friend was like "no he's a boy!! look!!!" and flashed the poor man. dude, im so sorry you had to see that...

sochi is my next soul vessel. please do not buy her unless you want a doll haunted by me. she is named after the then future location of the olympics. I was a little obsessed with male figure skaters at the time i got her.

whenever i look at her, i think "i love her. i love her. she is the one for me". im obsessed.

she has no box opening photos because there was no box opening. my friend had her listed for sale and just brought me the pieces at a meetup and i put her together before paying for her.

she is spoiled. i have more wigs and clothes in her size than i do for any other dolls despite only having one doll in her size. she is my favorite.

I bought her from my local comm member (and good friend) reichiere. She had recieved a Sarang with blossom body in a trade in early 2010 and taken the body for her own Xiao. I cannot find her previous owner! Sochi's old name may have been Viola. She had purchased her Xiao secondhand from DoA user Pia in 2006, who was the first owner and lived in Australia! My little world traveller! The body of her Xiao was put on sale with the Sarang head, and I snatched her up! Her head is lighter than her body even though they're both around the same age. She is my 2nd oldest doll age wise.

The yosd sized version of TF Sarang. good investment!

this doll was sold as a girl, but the owner offered me a refund of $50 when she noticed it was a boy body so i totally took it. was my cheapest doll at ~$100

Her history is a bit complicated too! I bought a blank shinyfairy hana girl from DoA user Pomegranate, who was the first owner. Upon wrapping her up, she noticed the body was a boy body instead and asked me if I still wanted it. I can't blame her for noticing... I didn't even notice in the sales photo. I did a faceup for her that wasn't awesome or anything.

My friend reichiere also had a SF Hana. Her Hana was originally purchased by Squishtaru, who also did the faceup. In July 2010, GoroChaggi bought her. In November 2010, Rei traded for her. Rei wanted a more natural faceup, so offered to trade me heads, which I took with a lot of guilt!

at pnw bbq expo, bluefairy was a vendor. the man working at the booth confirmed to us that both of our Hanas were the first version, and that hana 1.0 looked the most like sarang ;D

she is my oldest (and most beautifully sculpted) doll! i believe she was cast in 2005 since her box came with B-El and L-bi faceplates. my darling had to wait 8 years to be put be put together.

it's too bad kits aren't produced by many companies anymore. she was incredibly fun to assemble!

because I assembled and painted her myself, she is the doll I am most proud of. u go girl. she still doesn't have a name because i am awful. this doesnt mean i love her any less. she is one of my favorites.

my friends once brought up the possibility of her being a recast which freaked me out for many years. i now realize how silly that is since she was significantly yellowed in 2013 and came on the first body that was never recasted (not to mention she has literally all the paperwork and box). it was really a different time. i also lied to myself saying she wasn't that yellow when i got her but in reality she is so yellow! i believe her yellowing has been stable since 2013 though.

i'm not sure everyone can say they bought a volks doll on sale directly from volksUSA, but i can! i bought her body during the LA showroom closing sale.

i met and talked to subaru for a while when she had $15 faceup commissions so i had her paint me a 06 head. Her red eyes were even made by subaru herself! she gave them to me at AX 2017 ;u; thank you!

I LOVE that i can leave her out without worrying about yellowing resin, but vinyl dolls are not good to be hugged. i'm also worried about staining so she only gets to wear light colors. i also hate fist hands now. i will never buy fist hands again. so unexpressive and limiting!

Option parts: DDII-H-04B, DDII-H-08B, DDII-H-09B

apologies to sochi, hina is my favorite doll and my dream come true

I don't like to use the term "grail", but Lieselotte is as close as I'd get to one. I first saw her 2nd release in 2013 and fell in love. I entered her lottery despite not having any good way to come up with $1k at the time. I did not win her and I could not buy one for secondhand prices. I watched as she had more lotteries, but I knew there was no way for me to pay for her if I had one, so I did not enter.

I kept Lieselotte in my heart for all those years. I had no expectations of ever getting one due to my bad lottery luck and extremely high aftermarket prices. In 2021, somehow the stars all aligned! Lieselotte was released as a preorder, not a lottery, and I had a job so that I could afford her. I also happened to get all of my stimulus checks right before her preorder opened. I had sworn that if any of those checks ever showed up, I would buy myself a doll! I didn't expect that doll to be the one I've been wishing for for years.

I entered two lotteries while waiting for her. I won neither and I was a little sad Mother SD wouldn't bless me with a doll. I was so wrong! Hina was my blessing from Mother SD after all. She could not be more perfect and I want to cry of happiness every time I think about her. It's hard to justify how much I spent on her, but she was worth every cent. She is so precious to me already.

Her wait time was very long! Somehow, I did not die in a freak accident in the 9 months before she arrived.

Option parts: SD-H-01, SD-H-04, SD-H-11, SD-H-17, SD-FO-01, SD-FO-03

Non-BJD dolls

I'm not particularly interested in other dolls, but some found their way into my heart.

she was a birthday gift from my dear mommy. i am so grateful that kinoko juice worked with azone to make their dolls easily accessible!

her hands keep falling off and it's nerve-wracking to bring her outside. she stole one of sochi's (multiple) wigs and sochi is not getting that wig back. the wig that came with kikipop is shiny and crappy tbh.

i always call her "kikipop". my apologies for not getting more creative.

fun fact she stood without a stand through a small earthquake

baby jesus was given to me when my sister was born!

my mom gave me this doll and i couldnt understand why someone would spend over $100 on a doll. look where i am now. she has smudges on her face because it looks like i faceplanted her on a newspaper or something and the vinyl picked up the dye

strikingly beautiful!! what a lovely girl!

i first encountered her in a consignment shop Nov 22 2020 and took a picture of her. somehow she made it to a thrift store in the same town and i found her there. i refuse to believe this isnt fate!

dolls that are no longer with me

i'm not really into selling dolls but here are my exceptions

I wanted a doll to play with, so i bought one. came to me with uneven yellowing. obviously DDE had left this one on display for a while and the front of it was a slightly different color than the back. i will never buy from DDE again.

i sanded his chest down, gave him a few different faceups and had a good bit of fun with him. He was even visual kei for a while! the sculpt quality wasnt up to my standards though. the body was just awful compared to my other dolls. nothing about the face stuck out to me either. just a plain doll.

i dont regret buying him or selling him. i gave him a nice girly faceup before sending him off to a new home

i did that thing where i put my name in a hat or something at a bbq expo and they actually pulled it out! i was off hanging out with Ryan when i got a text from my friend to hurry back to the convention center and there they presented me with... mirodoll mika!!!

excuse me while i look a gift horse in the mouth for an honest review: this doll is sh*t. it cant stand, all the joints are like ????? its just not a good doll at all. spend your money on something better

i gifted this doll to tae on the terms that it cannot be sold, only gifted. i unstrung her for the trip to AX and found out she had been put together with exactly ONE s hook (in her head). im not sure tae ever got her strung tbh... it'd be a difficult one to string even as a bjd veteran (can i say that yet?)