This page got bigger than i expected so now it gets its own page. Surely this is not interesting information!

im going to do my best to spoil the dolls i have rather than buy more. what i really need is new wigs and shoes and not new dolls! please remind me when i get lost. i will get lost.

  1. Volks DearSD
  2. I am in love with this body size (unproven). I would prefer a pureskin white one so I can swap heads with lieselotte. just a body would be fine, but a WS Coco would be very nice! i have to be careful not to be impulsive about this one since i dont feel picky about the head at the moment. I'm waiting for volksusa to put a DearSD lottery up and MAYBE i'll try to grab one

  3. Volks DD Yui Hirasawa
  4. Need a big yui for my yui collection. Her face is not my favorite and could definitely be more accurate to the anime art. She'll need a new faceup and the fullset is non-negotiable.

  5. Volks DDP Iori Minase
  6. my fav imas! I also regret that i had no income during her preorder! its okay though she's not super expensive right now. I don't know if i need her fullset, but i would like it. I'm not a fan of volks wigs. volks could put out a hibiki whenever they want just sayin...

  7. Volks SD13 Boy Body (Pureskin Normal)
  8. for my Migidoll Miho head that has been sitting in a box since 2009. sorry.

  9. Volks SDGr Lorina 2
  10. regular lorina is good but open mouth toothy smile lorina is better! I'm not going to buy one off a scalper so I will only get one if fate allows me to buy one directly from volks. if fate doesn't allow, thats okay too!

  11. Ten no Seihai: Volks SDGr Mana-sama #00
  12. Mana-sama's personal Mana-sama dollfie. No other SDGr Mana-sama will suffice.

  13. Sekiguchi Printemps
  14. Not a BJD. Waiting very excitedly to find one of these at a yard sale or thrift store.

  15. Dianna Effner Emily
  16. also not a BJD. i'm not sure about shelling out for a porcelain doll yet, but she would be a great thrift store find!

  17. Obitsu 22 or 24 bodies in natural/flesh
  18. Upgrade bodies for my Licca-chans. maybe one of each?

not quite wishlist yet

I'm hesitant to say I need these... I do like them though!

  1. Volks DDB 9S
  2. i dont need him i dont need him i dont need him


    im going to make bad choices if i see him for cheap. i still dont need him though. i need him.

  3. Volks DDS Rin Kagamine
  4. i'm not a big fan of rin or anything but she has my favorite DD face sculpt. i wish i had any kind of an income when she was selling for less than retail! im not particularly interested in paying her current price though

  5. Kinokojuice Kiki Munyukuchi
  6. God bless Kinokojuice for releasing her dolls to the world. Kikipop is great, but now I want the real deal! (eventually)

  7. Bluefairy Miley
  8. appears to be the 60cm version of sarang. she doesnt look exactly like sarang though. I'd love to own sarang in all 3 sizes, but this body is just too modern. and by modern i mean the jointing is ugly

  9. Unoa Rowan Prim
  10. another "i want my doll sized up". the body is similar to unoss, and i really like that! do i really need multiples of all my dolls though? pretty low priority because of that.

  11. Volks SDM Coordinate Model
  12. if i ever find myself in a volks store in japan I will probably just buy one if i fall in love with one. it's hard to make a list of FCS faces i love because theres so g*d d*mn many cute ones. I'll let myself be impulsive one more time if i make it over there.

doll i especially enjoy seeing

i dont think i need to own these but please send me pictures if you have one! honestly just send me pictures if you have a doll at all.

i think i only look at volks dolls now that i see this written out

  1. Volks MDD Arle
  2. Volks U-noss
  3. used to be a buy on sight doll when I didn't have money to buy on sight. beautiful body lines and id love to see someone paint her face well without modding. i dont think i need her anymore since rowan was released

  4. Volks SDGr Lorina
  5. Volks SD Suiseiseki/Souseiseki
  6. Volks SDGr Belldandy
  7. Volks SD Mai
  8. Volks SD13 Kazuya Kujo
  9. wtf why is he so cute

  10. Volks SD Charlotte
  11. Lieselotte and charlotte belong together but i dont have the funds to buy both. I'm tempted to buy Charlotte someday still. if you have both, that is great. PLEASE send photos

  12. Feeple 65 Chloe
  13. the first Chloe and the best Chloe. i saw one at Uncanny Dreams (2011) and she was just stunning!

  14. Super Dollfie Dream
  15. if you managed to grab one of these for christs sake PLEASE start posting pictures of it

  16. Bluefairy Somang
  17. of course i like the closed mouth version of my favorite doll

  18. Volks DDS Yukiho
  19. my least favorite imas but god they did a good job on her. shes not on my wishlist because shes semiwhite and "i dont want to buy more hands"

  20. Volks DDS Chihaya