This page got bigger than i expected so now it gets its own page. Surely this is not interesting information!

after getting hina in my arms, i have this strange feeling that there couldnt possibly be a better doll out there for me. I kind of feel like i dont need any more. hopefully this feeling will stick around for a good amount of time.

im constantly rearranging to move dolls out of my wishlist and into my not wishlist. now reorganized into tiers! imagine a pyramid if you will or even a pyramid scheme!

Tier 1: unobtainable

  1. Ten no Seihai: Volks SDGr Mana様 #00
  2. Mana-sama's personal Mana-sama dollfie. No other SDGr Mana-sama will suffice. Can be seen in almost all of the recent Mana-sama cooking videos.

  3. Volks Mother SD
  4. dream big

  5. Dream FCS order
  6. Idea #1: PS Ever Beauty WS Romantic Lance Williams, Ciera faceup. Idea #2 (best): PS EB WS SDGr Mana様 on yumetenshi body. I hope you can parse that one.

Tier 2: unlikely

  1. Volks in person FCS order at Tenshi no Sato
  2. Currently not an option but this doesn't mean it won't be someday. I have lots of time to dream about what I want my doll to look like and I'm going to enjoy every second of it. The cost of this one will be high since it requires going to Japan. Honestly might as well buy an Ever Beauty at that point. I am not willing to settle for an online FCS (I'm gonna end up eating my words on this one).

    I'm between two options. First is PS white F-98 on a SD13 B-10 body with H-12 hands and FO-02 high heel feet. I could be very spicy and order a PS White SDGrB F-101 with A-01 arms. He'll have to have both FO-01 and FO-02. I'll need hands H-03, H-07, H-08 at minimum.

  3. Volks One-Off Model
  4. I think it'd be great to win a lottery for one of these! I'd like to win a Kurumi/Miruku, Victorique, Kazuya, Suiseiseki/Souseiseki, or Sapphire. I really think it's important to be in love with the faceup of the doll you enter for since it's sacrilege to wipe it (unless damaged). There are many I wouldn't enter for even if I like the sculpt because I don't care for the faceup. I'll let someone else win those ones!

  5. Volks Ai-Tenshi, Rei-Tenshi, or Sei-Tenshi
  6. I would never buy one but it is my dream to win one! What an honor it is to bring one of these home from dolpa. I believe being given one is part of the experience of owning one.

  7. Tenshi no Sato omukae ceremony for Hina
  8. I might be willing to settle for Tenshi no Mado.

  9. SD17 Romantic Glance Williams
  10. I have him tattooed on my thigh but now I think I should have just bought the doll instead. His name will be Claude Elwood Shannon.

Tier 3: reasonable expectations

  1. Obitsu 22 or 24 bodies in natural/flesh
  2. Upgrade bodies for my Licca-chans. maybe one of each?

  3. Volks Clannad School Uniform
  4. Volks SD Hands in PS White
  5. I would love a pair of SD-H-12! If H-09 and H-07 came into my life, I would be into it! Also SD nakayoshi hands. I don't even have 2 SDs and I need them. I mean what if I meet someone with a WS SD/SD13?? I have to be prepared for such emergencies.

  6. Volks SD-FO-03 (high heel feet) in PS White
  7. Volks SD13B hands and SD13B-FO-02 (tabi feet) in (very aged) PS Normal
  8. Volks News Vol.91 (Spring 2021)
  9. Volks HG Glass Eyes Tea Rose with black line 20mm
  10. Kinoko Eye
  11. 2009-ish SD13B or SDGrB long leg body in PS White
  12. I am not a big fan of the oYID body Liam is on and no SD17 bodies were released in PS White until much later.

Tier 4: stuck in my head

I'm hesitant to say I need these... I do like them though!

  1. Volks DD Yui Hirasawa
  2. Need a big yui for my yui collection. Her face is not my favorite and could definitely be more accurate to the anime art. She'll need a new faceup and wig but the fullset is non-negotiable.

  3. Kinoko Juice Kiki Munyukuchi
  4. God bless Kinoko Juice for releasing their dolls to the world. Kikipop is great, but now I want the real deal! My hestitation comes from not wanting to replace my kikipop but not really wanting 2 kikis. The resin ones are definitely higher quality though. It's only a matter of time before I cave. Edit on August 3rd, 2022: I caved.

  5. Volks SD13 Boy Body (Pureskin Normal)
  6. for my Migidoll Miho head that has been sitting in a box since 2009.

  7. Volks DearSD
  8. I am in love with this body size (unproven). I don't think I want to buy one secondhand, so I will wait until Mother SD says it's my turn. I am praying that I will be lucky enough to win a one-off kurumi or miruku to put on this body. I also would not complain if I could afford another Lieselotte head for this body.

  9. every Kinoko Juice girl
  10. In the order: 58chan, shizuku, jill, luna, nia/haine. they are wonderful

Tier 5: dolls i especially enjoy seeing

I don't THINK I need to own any of these

  1. Alchemic Labo Unoa Rowan Prim
  2. let's face it: we all know gentaro araki is my favorite sculptor of all time. i really want another doll made by him.

  3. Angell Studio Biyao
  4. that is a CUTE smile

  5. Atelier Momoni Momoni
  6. her face is so cute!! if I liked owning minis and her body I would probably have ordered one by now.

  7. Bluefairy Somang
  8. of course i like the closed mouth version of my favorite doll

  9. Bluefairy Miley
  10. i would ONLY buy one on the original single jointed bluefairy body. the new joints are absolutely unacceptable and i want nothing to do with them. maybe a volks body would match too! her face is just not quite sarang and so i'm hesitant on her.

  11. Chicabi Bebe Bora and Peko
  12. what sweet faces! I wish they made them in DSD/SD size!

  13. CP Delf Soony
  14. I used to regret not getting her before she was discontinued. It's alright! If I ever did end up with another CP doll, I'd hope it'd be her.

  15. Migidoll Flora
  16. Such a pretty girl! Not such a pretty body!

  17. Petit Soiree Mille feuilles
  18. Soom Dia
  19. Chino Syoko has the most gorgeous smiling Dia named KAI and I can't stop thinking about him.

  20. Soom Humpty-Dumpty
  21. omfg its an EGG

  22. Volks DDP Iori Minase
  23. my fav imas! I'm not so sure about the DDP body right now. someone pointed out the weird calf sculpting and I just can't unsee it.

  24. Volks DDS Rin Kagamine
  25. i'm not a big fan of rin or anything but she has my favorite DD face sculpt. i wish i had any kind of an income when she was selling for less than retail! im not particularly interested in paying her current price though

  26. Volks DDS Yukiho
  27. my least favorite imas but god they did a good job on her. shes maybe my 2nd favorite DD sculpt. shes not on my wishlist because shes semiwhite and "i dont want to buy more hands"

  28. Volks DDB 9S
  29. i dont need him i dont need him i dont need him


    im going to make bad choices if i see him for cheap. i still dont need him though. i need him.

  30. Volks DDS Chihaya
  31. Volks MDD Arle
  32. Volks MSD-F-12 (Misha/Cynthia)
  33. I can't explain why I love her sorry. I just do. I'm going to pretend I'm the first to translate her name as Cynthia.

  34. Volks U-noss
  35. used to be a buy on sight doll when I didn't have money to buy on sight. She's a lot more common now it feels like. beautiful body lines and id love to see someone paint her face well without removing her eyelashes. i dont think i need her but she's a cool piece of Volks and gentaro araki history

  36. Volks SD Kurumi/Miruku
  37. I think these are the first volks faces I ever liked

  38. Volks SD Suiseiseki/Souseiseki
  39. Volks SD Charlotte
  40. Lieselotte and charlotte belong together. if you have both, that is great. PLEASE send photos

  41. Volks SD Mai/F-81
  42. Volks F-98
  43. She looks like Mai, only cuter!

  44. Volks SD10 Victorique de Blois
  45. uh you cant have kazuya without victorique thats just h*cked up

  46. Volks SD13 Kazuya Kujo
  47. wtf why is he so cute

  48. Volks SDGr Belldandy
  49. Volks SDGr Sapphire
  50. she's a gorgeous mix of lorina and charlotte

  51. Volks SDGr Lorina / Lorina 2
  52. I prefer to see custom or one-off faceups over the Junichi Nakahara ones. Lorina 2's open mouth smile is very cute.

  53. Volks PS Bisque Kasumi
  54. I hope I will be blessed with the chance to look at one in the real life! Maybe if I end up at Tenshi no Sato someday I'll be able to lay my eyes one one of these beauties. I can't imagine I'll ever see one in the US

  55. Volks SDGrB F-101
  56. im embarrassed to admit i like this boy a lot

  57. Volks SD17 Max 'n Reggie
  58. Ridiculously gorgeous boys. Spicy boy Reggie is my favorite between the two.

  59. Volks Super Dollfie Dream
  60. if you managed to grab one of these for christs sake PLEASE start posting pictures of it NOW

Tier ---: dolls i once loved very much

they are better left in my memories than in my house

  1. DOD DOC Petsha
  2. Petsha was my first doll love! I never pulled the trigger on her because I always would rather have SD sized dolls. Lately, I've looked back on her and I realized I never loved her face. I only loved her fullset. One of the girls in my comm even had her and her fullset and even seeing her IRL, I never felt like I needed to buy her right that instant. I looked recently at her and realized I don't even like her face. I'm glad I never got her, I don't think I would have been happy with her.

  3. SQ Lab Navi
  4. she is quite pretty, but the more I look at her she looks like a bootleg volks doll. is that a bad thing? at least the DG61 body looks so much nicer than the SD16

  5. Luts KDF Bory
  6. this little grumpy dude was almost my first doll until i saw Luts' site wasn't secure.

  7. Angell-Studio Cinderella (original)
  8. actually she is pretty cute after all.

  9. DIM Achernar
  10. this dude probably wouldn't have been a bad choice

  11. Volks DDS Mariko
  12. i got my hopes up too much once and now i dont even like looking at her. obviously it wasnt true love

  13. Feeple 65 Chloe
  14. The first Chloe and the best Chloe. I saw one at Uncanny Dreams (2011) and she was just stunning! She has elf ears though so I'll skip her.

  15. Zaoll Luv
  16. she's just classic at this point, okay?

"haha this would be fun to find in a thrift shop" not BJDs

  1. Sekiguchi Printemps
  2. those eyes are just insane

  3. Dianna Effner Emily
  4. god shes cute