Claude Elwood "Volta" Shannon

Head: SDGrB Williams
Body: SDGrB 13 Revival
Faceup: Volks default
Arrival: 02/20/2024

I rigged the lottery for this boy. He looks a little like Sascha doesn't he? They might be related.

He's named after a very important researcher. Volta is Italian for "time", but it was chosen because it sounds cool and chuunibyou and all.

Option parts: SD13B-H-01


Bought from Volks Int webstore, no lottery entry. Price was 118,000円/$830.96 USD, shipping was 16450円/$115.84 by DHL. Ordered 2/9/2024, shipped 2/16/2024, arrived 2/20/2024. No rare US customs fee was charged.