short food + drink reviews


Czar Nikolas II Nostalgia

i used to joke about this drink being nostalgic 15 years ago and now it is nostalgic. it tastes mostly like their normal black but has a flowery/strawberry taste

Czar Nikolas II Black

ryan can't stop drinking this

Romanov Tea Anastasia

so pretty, so rosy!

Tiesta Nutty Almond Cream

uh this is just honey bunches of oats with almonds. luckily i love honey bunches of oats with almonds.

Tiesta Blueberry Wild Child

i bought some "blueberry delight" at marketspice for a high price and then i found this which is almost exactly the same. good deal.

MarketSpice Huckleberry's Special Mix (PLU 8371)

big fan of this one. everyone asks me "whats this delicious tea you made?" whenever i make a pot of it

soda pops and spicy waters

root beer

this is the best pop. there are none better. stop looking. the other ones arent even worth drinking

"Clear American" spicy water

lots of flavor and not extremely carbonated! I do not like most other brands of spicy water because they just hurt to drink. i find that every walmart i visit has a different selection! i hope to try them all some day!

"Signature Select" spicy water

safeway has a lot of fun flavors and i think these are comparable to walmart's, but i cant figure out safeway's digital coupon system so i hate shopping there. these are usually on sale for $.50, if you can use the digital coupon.

hot sauce / seasonings

Texas Pete

its the perfect hot sauce. i love cowboys.

tony charonie's

it says "great on everything" and it's not lying

lowry's seasoning spice

put it on your cottage cheese. trust me.

Texas Pete "Cha!" Sriracha

it JUST tastes like sriracha. pass.



i celebrate asparagus season every day i can. bake at 400 for 30 min with olive oil and garlic salt to make "asparagus fries"


now this is a good one. i love to eat it and cant stop thinking about it

brussel sprouts

AWL420's spicy boy recipe is great for these!! I never have harissa though so I use whatever spices i find in my cupboard. smother them in spices and olive oil and bake at 400 for 30-ish minutes


i cut mine into strips and season them with tony charonie's and grease and bake them for 30 min at 400 degrees. i tell myself they are french fries.

green onions

quite good!!!! lately ive started cutting some up with my breakfasts. Protip: Use scissors to cut these instead of a knife

sweet onions

i will eat these raw


i dont really like these. heirloom tomatoes are good, but every day store bought tomatoes kinda suck. cherry tomatoes are only good because they're fun to eat


never really got into this one. tastes good when you cook it in vinegar but what doesnt?

acorn squash

i never leave it in the oven long enough, but when i do, its very delicious

poblano pepper

very good pepper! perhaps my favorite! not too spicy but i have destroyed my hands with spicy pepper juice while cutting them.



it doesnt get better than this

bosc pears

ugly colored pears taste best. forget the other varieties!


im sure we all know the controversial question "does pinapple belong on pizza?" the real answer is it doesnt f*ckin matter because pineapple doesnt belongin existence.

milk and milk substitutes


i buy whole milk a whole lot

chocolate soy milk

doesnt taste like chocomi but it sure is good

almond milk

i might as well put water in my cereal if this is my only option. waste of money

heavy whipping cream

now we're talking. i pour a little bit in my black tea and rooibos for a good time. pour it on your strawberries too!

half n half

offers no advantage over heavy cream other than price

zoi greek yogurt (traditional plain)

best greek yogurt ive found so far. i love the texture

Drunken Goat cheese

i refuse to believe there's a cheese better than this.


looks like mold, tastes like mold, yet i cant stop eating it

Tickler cheese

actually this one might be the best cheese. im not sure anymore


Seattle Chocolates - Rainy Day Espresso

it's delicious! their best coffee themed bar (that I've tried)

Seattle Chocolates - Pike Place Espresso

it reminds me of folgers

Seattle Chocolates Champagne Truffles

now how do you make a truffle that tastes like champagne? the answer is: this delcious chocolate truffle is filled with pop rocks. its awesome. highly recommend!!

Theo snickerdoodle cookie bites

extremely expensive for the small amount in the bag but they taste good if you find a coupon. very cinnamony.

Theo salted toffee bar

put one of these bad boys in my christmas stocking please. my favorite of the theo varieties! can't say I've tried a bad one though.

Peanut butter

Skippy natural

baseline peanut butter

Jif natural

Immediately I could taste the secret sugar! Molasses happens to be hiding in the ingredients.

Adam's crunchy

The difference between this and ground peanuts is the inclusion of salt and the texture. Crunchy feels like they made smooth peanut butter and then threw some peanut pieces on top.

"Health" foods

innofoods dark chocolate keto nuggets

these are really really good. I can't stop eating them!!!

innofoods keto crackers

these are disgusting and taste like plastic. i told my mom how much i hated them and she bought me another bag. thanks.

smelly foods


I got to try this because someone with way more money than me spent $80 on a can and invited me over. I wasn't there when they cracked the can open, but I didn't think it was the worst thing I've ever smelled. It was very stinky though.

The flavor is okay... the big issue is how ridiculously salty it is. There is a very unpleasant amount of salt! If you eat it on something or with something, it's not as obvious. I ended up being the only person willing to eat it, so I ate a lot of it. I wouldn't bother seeking it out again.


My first try of natto was meh. I didn't care much for it. It stank and didn't taste very good. My second try (they come in packs of 3!), was okay! Third try, I was into it. The mustard included in the packs is very good. Overall, delicious.