an ever expanding furby collection (dangerous)

I have so many of these things. I have had to force myself to stop buying every one I see. I have no more room in my home. Please help.

Furby 1998

When my first furby quit talking, I got a furby baby. I was so unhappy with it that I ended up returning it. I never got another!

Furby 2005

I don't own and have never seen one of these in real life. I do own an unopened puzzle though.

This release is so strange. The beak and eyelids appear to degrade on them. I can't help but dream of owning one.

Furby 2012

I really wanted "Festive Sweater" but I never ended up getting one! I have official furby cigarettes!!

Furby Connect

This release is too cute!! I may be alone in having that opinion. I love them!