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Nintendo Switch

Animal Crossing New Horizons

yes i paid $60 for half a game. no i may not be buying the next one despite playing since gamecube.

i used to love isabelle and now i've tossed all my isabelle merch into a box to forget about her telling about her video chat with her parents or her falling asleep watching tv or ...

half assed game with no items, looks well polished but has no content. the DLC with actual content never came out btw. they did add some things they left out from new leaf. might as well play new leaf though. your villagers will have a lot more interesting things to say

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

captain toad is so cute that i cried when i first saw him. if you love things that are cute and little puzzles, you will like this game.

Catherine Full Body

Forewarning: I played Catherine on the PS3 and only got Katherine true end. I didn't do K's true end (or good) this time, but I did the rest. I technically should have seen all the endings though.

this game has like 5 new endings, jp voices, and idk like 10 more voice options for catherine!! have you ever wanted to hear iori-chan play catherine?? its awesome. also a remix mode where you get tetris pieces instead of only single blocks. i played the remix for my playthrough and it was fun. i cant remember how to play normal now though.

catherine and katherine both get an alternate endings. catherine's is awesome, katherines is boring.

RIN. perfect design. cute personality! what could go wrong!?! a lot. playing rin's route made me want to put down the game and never pick it up. i somehow managed to power through just barely. it was awful. I did not have any problem with rin until doing her route.

Overall, I would recommend this game over the PS3 version. Just don't do Rin's route. the JP voice track was all i needed to be convinced tbh.

Hatsune Miku Logic Paint S

about as good as a picross game gets! my big complaint is that the BGM songs are only about 2 minutes long and continuously loop until you exit to the menu and go to settings and change the song. i dont want to listen to the same song 10 times while i do a 20 minute puzzle. a random song option would improve this game so much. there are no touch screen controls if you are looking for those.

i had some issue with the controls or assist change in the first update but i don't know what the current version of the game is like. hopefully they fix some of these issues.

Pokemon Shield

this is a bad pokemon game. all the new pokemon are super cute though!

i hope you didnt want to battle more than 5 trainers on each straight shot route.

Splatoon 2

this game is so much fun. the atmosphere is awesome, the gameplay is awesome, the story mode is a joke, the players are actually 10 years old. its a good time!

i highly recommend octo expansion, but i do feel it should have been originally included rather than paid dlc

Nintendo 3DS

Yo-kai Watch 3

f*ck this game. absolute garabge. i could not finish it.

listening to hailey anne is miserable. i do not know if it's better in japanese. i want to stab myself everytime i hear her talk.

i did not enjoy the "busters" parts of yw2. I did not ever enjoy "oni time". somehow they became big parts of this game and it is just miserable for me.

the localizers wrote themselves into a localization hole when they set the first 2 games in america. nate has to move from USA to BBQ. the currency is BBQ bucks. everyone has a southern accent and he needs a youkai's help to understand them. honestly im impressed they managed to come up with an explanation at all.

Playstation 4

Nier Replicant

NOTE: i have not finished ending E yet. I'm waiting for my "nier claw hand" to go back to normal. I have finished A-D. UPDATE: I probably wont finish this game.

this game was super fun for the first 30 hours! the fight system feels a lot like nier automata (good thing!)

i spent way too much time grinding in the junk heap for items for quests and ended up overleveled for the rest of the game.

the next 20 hours were excruciating. "artificial length" describes this game well. you have to repeat the 2nd half of the game THREE (3) times minimum with only slightly more information each time. many boss fights are dragged out because you can only hurt the boss so much until the characters finish their lines. you just do no damage until the script is over

i'd rather read the novelization or wiki. the explanations weren't very deep and i still have a lot of questions.

the characters are all absolutely beautiful. i keep looking at the twins and thinking "dang i want a doll with a faceup like that". everyone is gorgeous!! its great.

if you're going to play this, i'd suggest playing it before nier automata. automata does spoil a fair bit of this one and references it as well

Nier: Automata

this dumbb*tt deleted her save and STILL played it again to get a 100% achivement playthrough

its so fun! the story is fun! the gameplay is fun! the characters are beautiful! i pretty much love everything about this game!

hacking turns your hands into claws. it is painful. im sorry. a lot of this game turns your right hand into a crab claw

i want to kiss 9S

Persona 5

the weakest of the latest 3 persona games imo. it was good but it wasnt AWESOME!!!! my life did not change but it was a fun time

it was cool to see the negotiations come back but not being able to grind out an entire dungeon in 1 day was crummy. my SP disappeared way too fast so i never wanted to use it.

i love morgana, ryuji, and ann!

the music was good even if jazz isnt my thing. the entire style of this game was awesome. the story just didnt hit home for me or something. I didn't love this game enough to want to play Royal

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

i looked forward to this one for many years! its mostly visual novel and a chunk of RTS gameplay. the visual novel was fun but didn't seem fully thought out. There was a few little holes here and there. i LOVE tomi. probably my 2nd favorite vanillaware title.

they really outdid themselves with the 2d rendering. the way the light shines through the windows in the old building is so beautiful. i would love an art book for this game

i think i got some major slowdown when there was around 1k enemies on the screen but i suppose that's to be expected.

Playstation Portable/Vita

Shin Megami Tensei Persona

i wasnt strong enough to finish this. it was too hard and i hate grinding. watch out for hanako. great vocal songs!

Persona 3 Portable

i played the girls version. oh boy this was good. great music. good story. good ending!

aigis and ryoji are my favorites!

watch out for spoilers when walking through pink gorilla. cover your ears. dont be like me.

Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night

total cash grab. remixes are mostly lame

Persona 4 Golden

this game is great!! highly recommended! good and fun twists

my life was changed by the beautiful bear teddie. he is SO CUTE

Persona 4 Dancing All Night

this was fun! not a must buy but i think most of the remixes were decent at minimum. the dedemouse remix is garbage though just dont play that one.


i had to watch my beloved favorite girl die exactly 13 times.

there was a glitch in the vita version where it said i didnt get all the art despite finishing the whole game. I had to go back and do mayushii's end again after searching and searching for what i missed.

better than the anime because it goes deeper ofc. i did not like suzuha's ending and i'll never be able to forget it.

Muramasa Rebirth

my expectations were too high but it was worth what i paid ($14). very beautiful game as usual from vanillaware.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

i love the art i love the story and i love how it all plays out. theres at least 3 love stories in there and you know im a sucker for those. gameplay was fun for each of the characters but mercedes was hardest to get used to! my favorite vanillaware title! possibly my favorite game.

Dragon's Crown

maybe this would have been fun multiplayer. too much sh*t was going on on the screen and i couldnt figure out where my character was. there's not much of a story but i don't know if i just didnt get far enough to find it. beautiful art though.