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  1. hat on Neocities
  2. Github mirror of this site
  3. RSS update log
  4. RSS microblog
  5. Neocities profile (opinions disabled)
  6. Github repo
  7. my alt site with even more doll photos!!!

Selected bookmarks from my desktop

  1. Drive Me Insane - dude just do it! drive him insane!!
  2. Jeffrey's Image Metadata Viewer - thanks jeffrey!
  3. Rampaging Feline - Di Gi Charat fansite
  4. Attention K-Mart Shoppers - Archived real life BGM.
  5. BBEMYBABY the GAME - Is this fun???
  6. IMAS CG Database - If you need any assets from Deresute, click here.
  7. Men's Long Hair Hyperboard - Made by men with long hair for men with long hair.
  8. bamboozxz - Translations of Eiko Shimamiya songs (and more).
  9. Tripcode Test - I don't know if anyone is still generating tripcodes but you can try them here without posting. Secure tripcodes probably won't work correctly.
  10. Foam Adventure
  11. cgdex2 - Idols sorted by bust size.
  12. Yvette's - Absolute disaster
  13. ゆきすすみさりゆき - Scroll
  14. Joy of Satan
  15. denpa us - anime girls with squishy faces
  16. 0x40 Hues - flash is dead. Edit: The classic lives on!
  17. September that never ended
  18. Web 2.0 Suicide Machine
  19. SculptGL - WebGL sculpting program I've never tried
  20. - I have this on like all the time
  21. The Sneeze - The Great Pizza Orientation Test
  22. Starlight Kirara - Just download the png of the girl you love. It's cheaper.
  23. Record Store Dispatch
  24. The NACHTKABARETT - Marilyn Manson fansite
  25. - painful web games


Previously "neocities sites", but these are not all hosted on Neocities anymore. I did my best to sort them by relevant topics and themes. If your site is here without a button and you have one you want me to use, send me an email!

I know dolls aren't everyone's cup of tea, but please visit my cafe links page if you also love dolls! I have a small list of doll owners I've found on neocities there!

irl friends

  1. Lunatic Sugar - still under construction! i bet this site will be great when he finishes it!
  2. Kohi Date - My friend's gyaru blog! I hope to see many updates in the future!


  1. danmu
  2. hikikiru
  3. artificialnightsky
  4. the maple dreamscape


  1. the maple dreamscape
  2. suboptimalism


  1. hikikiru


  1. nightsunflower
  2. Letail's Collection


arts n crafts


  1. kassy
  2. Ravens March (pen otaku)


  1. jellyfishhime
  2. Cheesecake Dreams
  3. Clover's Room
  4. Mermaidgrey
  5. TroubleInTheMessageCentre
  6. rabbit . reverie



  1. My Furby World

more links


  1. The Kingston & Kingston Law Firm (my attorney)

hat (AKA people who wish they had my url)


RSS Users

You can access Neocities RSS update feeds with an URL like Some users have written their own feeds which are a bit more descriptive than "just updated!"

  1. kassy

RSS microbloggers

This is next level, my dudes. Join us!

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The Graveyard

I beg of you, please stop deleting your sites and just let it rot!!! I still want to look at it!