cool links


  1. Ryan's Secret World Wide Web Page - you've seen me write about him, now check out his website!
  2. Lunatic Sugar - still under construction! i bet this site will be great when he finishes it!


  1. Drive Me Insane - dude just do it! drive him insane!!
  2. Jeffrey's Image Metadata Viewer - thanks jeffrey!
  3. Rampaging Feline - Di Gi Charat fansite

Neocities sites

i think all these sites are pretty interesting! i did my best to sort them by relevant topics

if your site is here without a button and you have one you want me to use, send me an email!

fun + cute!

  1. crystalline club

photography + more



  1. slimenet


  1. jellyfishhime
  2. Straw Berry Basket
  3. Cheesecake Dreams
  4. Clover's Room
  5. Mermaidgrey
  6. TroubleInTheMessageCentre
  7. rabbit . reverie
  8. gyaru
  9. kogals online

links to me

free code 4 u! feel free to hotlink using this link because it is hosted on imgur. you're also welcome to upload it yourself!

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  1. Neocities
  2. Neocities profile
  3. Github mirror