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Selected bookmarks from my desktop

  1. Drive Me Insane - dude just do it! drive him insane!!
  2. Jeffrey's Image Metadata Viewer - thanks jeffrey!
  3. Rampaging Feline - Di Gi Charat fansite
  4. Attention K-Mart Shoppers - Archived real life BGM.
  5. BBEMYBABY the GAME - Is this fun???
  6. IMAS CG Database - If you need any assets from Deresute, click here.
  7. Men's Long Hair Hyperboard - Made by men with long hair for men with long hair.
  8. bamboozxz - Translations of Eiko Shimamiya songs (and more).
  9. Tripcode Test - I don't know if anyone is still generating tripcodes but you can try them here without posting. Secure tripcodes probably won't work correctly.
  10. Foam Adventure
  11. cgdex2 - Idols sorted by bust size.
  12. Yvette's - Absolute disaster
  13. ゆきすすみさりゆき - Scroll
  14. Joy of Satan
  15. denpa us - anime girls with squishy faces
  16. 0x40 Hues - flash is dead. Edit: The classic lives on!
  17. September that never ended
  18. Web 2.0 Suicide Machine
  19. SculptGL - WebGL sculpting program
  20. - I have this on like all the time
  21. The Sneeze - The Great Pizza Orientation Test

Personal sites

Previously "neocities sites", but these are not all hosted on Neocities anymore. I did my best to sort them by relevant topics and themes. If your site is here without a button and you have one you want me to use, send me an email!

i know dolls aren't everyone's cup of tea, but please visit my doll links page if you also love dolls! I have a small list of doll owners I've found on neocities there!

irl friends

  1. Lunatic Sugar - still under construction! i bet this site will be great when he finishes it!
  2. Kohi Date - My friend's gyaru blog! I hope to see many updates in the future!


  1. danmu
  2. hikikiru
  3. artificialnightsky



  1. hikikiru
  2. artificialnightsky


  1. nightsunflower
  2. Letail's Collection


arts n crafts

  1. zucchini


  1. slimenet
  2. kassy


  1. jellyfishhime
  2. Cheesecake Dreams
  3. Clover's Room
  4. Mermaidgrey
  5. TroubleInTheMessageCentre
  6. rabbit . reverie



  1. My Furby World

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RSS Users

You can access Neocities RSS update feeds with an URL like Some users have written their own feeds which are a bit more descriptive than "just updated!"

  1. zucchini
  2. slimenet
  3. kassy

The Graveyard

I beg of you, please stop deleting your sites and just let it rot!!! I still want to look at it!