the musical works of Mike Hatsune

Last Night, Good Night

i learned about miku in 2008 because of this song. i showed my mom and she didnt care.

Double Lariat

if you paused this video on niconico, luka would keep spinning

sasakure.UK's Doomsday Series

The Weekend's Coming!, Our 16bit Wars, Wanderlast, and *Hello, Planet. I listened to this series so much when I was a teen.


am i that *sshole who includes a human sung song in my vocaloid list? yes

Cirno's Advanced Math Class

a sequel to Cirno's Perfect Math Class ft Hatsune Miku

Freerin Tomorrow

Orin is my favorite vocaloid


Miku in Space

a whole playlist that will strike the image of hatsune miku outside of Earth's atmosphere in your heart

The Socialist

just a song about a domestic terrorist

Mai Mai Mai

mitchie m is a lot better at making fun of you for impulsively spending all your money on garbage than i am

Schwarzer Regen

i only clicked on this beacuse its title is in german. also check out Weißer Schnee

Electric Angel

I discovered this one through Literally Hifumi's Singing Synthesizers Daily actually. I'm pretty sure all the kids are laughing at me for discovering it so late.

Seraphim On The Ring

idk how i missed this one when it came out but its a good jam. WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA CUTIE ANGELS

Instant Crush

I've listened to the original a ton but i had no idea what the lyrics were until i clicked on this video today. i would have never guessed an american wrote these