new wave

my musical genre interests can pretty much be summed up with new wave, weeaboo, and nu metal.

in middle school I was over at my grandmas and my uncle had 80's music videos on VH1 playing on the tv and i got pretty into them! i started watching them at home every morning while getting ready for school for many years.

im sorry to say most of the videos look like crap now. some were filmed on tape and some were just not popular enough to rescan the film. they looked better on my standard definition tv...

if some other 80s songs sneak in that aren't new wave, im not sorry and you should listen to them too. i'm trying not to post too many that everyone and their dog knows but i was also never alive during the 80s.

Wang Chung - Hypnotize Me

extreme banger

Daryl Hall & John Oates - Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

Alphaville - Fallen Angel

everyone knows forever young (or they should) but I really like this one too.

Duran Duran - Rio

i named my doll after this song

Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better

Madonna - Like a Prayer

Phil Collins - Easy Lover

I found this one kind of recently. Dunno how I missed it!

Level 42 - Something About You

I hear this one on the radio like all the time!

Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place

I heard this one on the radio for over a year and I could never figure out the lyrics so i could google it. extremely frustrating! i finally just downloaded shazam to figure out what it is