free data on your beloved hat

Completed on February 3, 2022

courtesy of burypink. read this if you want to be able to answer the password recovery question on my amazon account.

1) time and date u started this?

2/3/22 8:00 pm

2) asl?


3) opinions on musicals?

no opinion

4) favorite snack?

mac's bbq flavor chicharonies

5) have u ever been in love?

let me introduce you to my doll, Hina

6) favorite pokemon?

detective pikachu

7) mario kart main?

inkling girl

8) tf2 main?

hero charger

9) do you laugh at youtube poops?

i have no idea what a "youtube poop" is and i honestly dont want to know

10) are you listening to music right now?


11) favorite shape?

circles are very cute!

12) do you believe in astrology?

yeah i took some pictures of some stars once. they really are out there!! not just lightbulbs!

13) do you believe in the occult?

dude... did you even watch haruhi-chan suzumiya-chan no yuutsu

14) opinions on vocaloid?

its only a tool that has somehow become a genre. i really like miku in space.

15) would you ever want to be a rockstar?

only if i get to sing that nickleback song

16) do you easily get stressed?

17) what is/was your favorite class in high school?

computer tech

18) what pokemon type would you be? dual types are allowed lol


19) rei or asuka?


20) favorite html tag?


21) are you religious?

22) opinions on nightcore?


23) did you go through any major phase? (emo, goth, weeaboo, etc)

will i ever exit my weeaboo phase??

24) are you good at drawing?

decent enough impress my mom

25) do you crack your joints?

not particularly???

26) do you read visual novels?

someday ill finish clannad...

27) can you sew?

don't ask me to fix your pants. im not going to patch that hole in your $10 jeans

28) can you cook?

the menu is: taco salad, eggs, latte

29) most expensive thing you've bought?


30) opinions on cosplay?

once was fun, but the culture has changed. i'll still cosplay but most people have stopped cosplaying to show their love for the IP and more to get likes on facebook

31) what's your most hated band/musician?

whoever it is does not live rent free in my mind because i cannot think of them off the top of my head

32) are you a dramatic person?

33) what emoticon do you use most?


34) can a miracle certainly occur?

35) would you let a vampire suck ur blood?

only if that vampire has to live in my shadow after

36) do you have a celebrity crush?

it was justin bieber until he started looking like a streamer. leonardo dicaprio but i have to avoid all of his politics and activism to keep crushing

37) do you like snow?

light snow is great! 2+ feet is not

38) were you really into greek mythology as a kid?

not even remotely

39) what are some things you could competently deliver a speech on?

as it turns out, i was not able to deliver a speech on touhou after all

40) are you good at spelling?

spellcheck has ruined my life

41) which touhou wud u fuk?


42) do you think there's going to be a robot takeover?




44) would you be an angel or devil?

tenshi, nyaa

45) sine, cosine, or tangent?


46) do you like licorice?

red is edible but not worth eating

47) whats one thing you cant stand that everyone else loves?

System of a down

48) what books did you like as a kid?

just about any book that has a mouse for a protagonist

49) can you play any instruments?

i played the viola, clarinet, and flute for about 10 minutes each

50) what song would you want to play at your wedding?

papa roach

51) do you believe in reincarnation?

whats up with all these questions??

52) finish the sentence: I'm just a guy who ______

53) have you been to another continent?

just europe. i was in germany when michael jackson died.

54) whats your worst habit?

destroying my face with my fingernails

55) favorite vegetable?

i cant stop talking about broccoli!! its the best!

56) whats something stupid that scared the shit outta you as a kid?

a witch decoration at my grandma's house. i think i probably spent 6 years crying every time i saw that thing

57) whats one of your guilty pleasures?

i dont feel guilty at all about chocolate

58) would you rather be a ghost or a vampire?

ghost. im definitely going to be a ghost haunting my doll.

59) what do you fear most?

anyone who answers this seriously is an idiot hahaha

60) do you sleep with any plushies?

a pink yoshi "macaroni" and a ratty gingerbread man "louis button"

61) what hobby do you just not understand?


62) do you like the taste of alcohol?

not at all. the only good drinks dont taste like alcohol

63) are you a hopeless romantic?

64) which deadly sin best fits you?


65) which of your physical features do you like the most?

i am still shaped like a 14 year old girl somehow. i guess this is the miracle from question 34

66) are your ears pierced?

double pierced!! my mom did them both. it makes me a spicy girl. i will not be getting any more

67) have you ever been in a physical fight?

has someone not? of course ive been in a few

68) where do you buy your clothes?

almost exclusively thrift stores now. i can find better quality, more interesting clothes there than at fast fashion stores. my cool finds are adding up and i dont have room in my closet anymore so i gotta stop!

69) where would you live if you could live anywhere?

tenshi no sato

70) do believe in magic? or is it all a trick?

71) have you read umineko when they cry? you should!

is that on switch yet?

72) what is the worst chore to do?

washing 2 weeks of dishes

73) what did your parents almost name you?

74) what would you want your name to be if you were not your current gender?

justin bieber

75) what were your first words?

"duck". is this an amazon security question??

76) what do you want your last words to be?

"bury me with my money"

77) when did you first regularly start going online?

2000 or so? i played a ton of games on disney channel dot com, this game "cokemusic", and also neopets. i was absolutely addicted to neopets and i would cry if i couldnt log in for even a day

78) what year do you miss the most?

2020 probably. 2021? both years that worked out well for me. 2022 has been awesome so far though!

79) are you psychic?

80) would you fuck a clone of yourself? you're not allowed to kill yourself.


81) what do you use to listen to music?

Clementine, but it's not very good. foobar2000 is the best music player of all time

82) whats the biggest city you've been to?

somehow LA is bigger than Berlin. both cities are awful and i never want to go back to either

83) favorite animal?

today, i will say hamster.

84) what web browser do you use?


85) are you allergic to kitty cats???????????

sometimes i am just allergic to whatever they rubbed their fur in outside. im sorry i cant stop shoving my face into kitties...

86) do you like energy drinks?

i have never and will never drink an energy drink

87) would ever spend money on tf2 unusuals/csgo skins/gacha pulls/etc

i have never and will never spend money on microtransactions

88) when do you usually go to bed?

any day im asleep by midnight is a good day

89) how often do you wash your hair?

as little as i can get away with

90) would you download a car?

91) what was your favorite show as a kid?

fosters home for imaginary friends

92) whats the silliest hat you own?

me!! im the silliest hat!

93) what album/song do you're feeling angsty

94) do you make OCs?

havent since high school

95) whats the goofiest thing you do when completely alone?

singing the same line of a song, that i only know one line of, over and over.

96) do you like fireworks?

not when theyre pointed at me!!!!

97) favorite painter?

i cant stop thinking about ophelia

98) favorite numbers?

2 is the cutest number

99) what genre of vidya gaems are you really good at? (fps, fightan, danmaku, racing, whatever)

walking games

100) time and date you finished this?

february 3, 2022 9:02pm