protip: do not ever say "sear-no" irl. save yourself the pain and learn to say "chi-ru-no" or "cheer-no". "two-ii" is also wrong, but less people will laugh at you if you make that mistake. it's just "tei"

only assholes will make fun of you for saying IOSYS wrong. yes i am pointing fingers. i have no idea how to say iosys correctly

my favorite touhou is Alice Margatroid!! she's too relatable mengomen! I've cosplayed PCB Alice and Mystic Square Alice. I hope someday to get off my b*tt and make a new Alice cosplay and a Shanghai cosplay for my doll.

I've also cosplayed seifuku Satori and Suw@ko! sorry for cosplaying suwako almost naked... i'll make a longer skirt one of these days

have you heard of "sukusuku hakutaku"??? they are perfect cuties and i love them. i do not own a single one


her art style is so girly and cute. it's very lovely!

RAiNY STARS (MZC Re:Groove Club Mix)

My name is Hong Mei Ling


495 GO! Little Sister Emotion

i could not find a single other Forest Pireo song I like, but this one is a banger!

Desert Years

this song is 10 minutes long and you should listen to all of it

LOVE&JOY with giant Alice

Kero ⑨ Destiny

Cirno's Perfect Math Class

Cirno's Advanced Math Class

a sequel to Cirno's Perfect Math Class ft Hatsune Miku


Syrufit - Blossom

R.I.N. is my favorite off this album

Riverside- 廃獄のロア

quite possibly my top touhou tune of all time

Freerin Tomorrow

Orin is my favorite vocaloid

Marisa Stole the Precious Thing