my favorite clothes!

dresses and jumperskirts

Rena Lange Jeans jumperskirt

my new favorite jumperskirt! $4.29 at my favorite thrift store. all the labels are ripped off.

????? jumperskirt

my former favorite jumperskirt. $15 or so at University District Goodwill in Seattle. the labels all contradict each other. i wish i knew who made this. its absolutely falling apart. i've had to fix the straps more than once and the lining is ripping

AATP Winding Rose Corset JSK

i bought this on mandarake for $80 a while back. has the matching headpiece. i cant find any excuse to wear it and it's a bit too big on me. it's 2007 so its bordering on oldschool (right?!??!)

Royal Hawaiian Creations plumeria dress

size s. im not big into muumuus but this has such a pretty cut and print. can't remember which thrift store i found it at...

Ruby Rox dress

size 3. not incredible quality but definitely my style. there was a "petti" at the bottom, but i cut it out and now i just wear my actual petti with it. bought it at burlington coat factory for $30 when i was looking for a homecoming dress in high school.


Liz Lisa skirt

size 1. lazily altered to have a smaller waist. i have no idea why this was in a goodwill in my hometown but i bought it anyway. it was disgustingly yellowed and dirty but only $4.

Jantzen Classics skirt

size 8. altered to have a smaller waist. goodwill find.


Alfred Dunner sweater

found at your grandma's estate sale.

Blind Date Casual sweater

I'm way too embarassed to wear this outside because I KNOW people will ask me what it says and i dont want to tell them.


earth music & ecology Premium Label coat

size m. found for $17.99 at my favorite thrift store. sleeves altered to fit my short arms!

deb coat

size s. i believe it was $15 at goodwill. deadstock. i had to tighten all the buttons when i got it because they were all falling off. the lining keeps coming apart at the seams. it needs so much attention. has a detachable hood.

PJK denim jacket

size s. i'm not actually cool enough to pull this one off. it was like $4 at goodwill

baby alpaca scarf

ryan bought this for me ;u; its so cute and its made out of baby alpacas

scarf and hat set

peter got this for me for christmas in 2019! its beautiful and handwoven but it definitely takes more effort to wear since it doesnt match anything pink. made by Geke P. De Vries